Jaguar Land Rover To Produce “Range Rover” In India
  Jun 01, 2024     Arifa Hussain  

Jaguar Land Rover To Produce “Range Rover” In India

Anticipate seeing an increase in Range Rovers on Indian roads! Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), the British division of Tata Motors, is now preparing to produce the renowned Range Rover and Range Rover Sport SUVs in India. Since these premium cars have only been produced in the UK for the previous 54 years, this is a significant first!

Fans of Range Rovers in India should rejoice at this decision. Less time will elapse before they get their ideal SUV. Additionally, the price tag is expected to decrease by a staggering 18–22% as a result of fewer taxes, saving them up to INR 56 lac! Range Rover prices now start at INR 67.90 lac for the Evoque and go up to a whopping INR 2.36 crore for the New Range Rove.

Pune's Local Manufacturing

At its Pune factory, JLR already assembles various well-known models in India, including the Range Rover Velar, Evoque, Jaguar F-PACE, and Discovery Sport. But the unique high-performance "SV" Range Rovers will continue to be imported from the UK, as will the formidable Defender SUV and the soon-to-come electric Range Rover.

This choice demonstrates JLR's dedication to the Indian market, which is a rapidly expanding behemoth in the luxury auto industry. German companies like Mercedes, BMW, and Audi currently control the market. But JLR is hoping to take home a larger piece of the pie with this increase in local output.

Over 45,000 luxury vehicles were sold in India last year, with Mercedes dominating the field with over 18,000 units. On the other side, JLR India sold 4,436 units, a 5-year high.

Buckle up, enthusiasts of Indian Range Rovers! With more Range Rovers hitting the streets and becoming somewhat more affordable due to local manufacture, the future of luxury SUVs appears bright.

Arifa Hussain