Pakistan-Based Dewan Motors Will Produce EVs
  Jun 01, 2024     Arifa Hussain  

Pakistan-Based Dewan Motors Will Produce EVs

Following their announcement to start producing the Kia Shehroze, a "Special Purpose Kia Commercial Vehicle," Dewan Farooque Motors Limited (DFML) has released yet another significant update. In line with the automaker's announcement to the Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX), manufacturing is set to start in August.

The announcement said that DFML and ECO-Green Motors Limited (EGML) had a toll manufacturing agreement in place for the production of EGML's electric car, the Honri-VE.

The Description

With this arrangement, DFML takes a significant step forward and assumes a leading role in Pakistani electric vehicle (EV) production. In a toll manufacturing arrangement, two companies collaborate strategically to offer a product's design and materials, with one business handling the product's production.

As per the deal, DFML will produce the Honri-VE, which has a 200–300 km range, for EGML. August 2024 is when production is scheduled to start, demonstrating DFML's dedication to on-time completion and superior manufacturing.

DFML Is Setting Off Kia Shehzore June 4th

Following another big statement by DFML, this development has occurred. The business had announced just the day before that it had started up commercial manufacturing of the KIA Shehzore, also known as the "Special Purpose KIA Commercial Vehicle."

On June 4, 2024, DFML will reenter the commercial vehicle market with a strong offering when this vehicle is rolled out and launched.

The Pakistan Stock Exchange (PSX) was also informed of the situation today via a notification. Under the auspices of Almighty Allah, DFML has recommenced the commercial manufacture of Special Purpose Kia Commercial Vehicles, dubbed Kia Shehzore, and has scheduled a roll-out/launch ceremony for them.

This action is a calculated attempt to improve the nation's automobile scene and meet changing customer demands.

Arifa Hussain