Hyundai Porter vs. Kia Shehzore
  Jun 04, 2024     Arifa Hussain  

Hyundai Porter vs. Kia Shehzore

Dewan Farooque Motors Limited just made an announcement on the introduction of the new Kia Shehzore model. Indeed, Kia. It was formerly produced by the Hyundai corporation, but it will now be produced under the Kia brand.

Commercial buyers of Kia Shehzore vehicles will now have the choice between the Suzuki Ravi and the Hyundai Porter. Porter is a contender, although Ravi, a flatbed truck in the small sector and less expensive than Shehzore, may not be. Thus, based on their usefulness, loading capacity, maintenance costs, and total ownership costs, these two trucks are compared head-to-head.

Kia Shehzore and Hyundai Porter

The Hyundai Porter is a single-cabin, multipurpose flatbed truck that lacks frills and has only the necessities. Halogen lamps and plastic upholstery with hydraulic steering are features of the cabin. It's straightforward, useful, and intended solely for professional use. Hyundai is able to maintain a low MRP price despite the vehicle's inferior safety features, which include no SRS airbags and no crumple zones.

Conversely, Kia has produced a second-generation Shehzore. This time, surprisingly, it's a double-cabin flatbed truck (optional, single-cabin in basic form). This implies that, as opposed to Porter, which can accommodate two or three workers, it can easily accommodate four full-size adult workers. The headlamp and interior are two things that stand out. They both have virtually similar headlights, and at first sight, the instrument cluster and center grilles are practically the same.

Additionally, the same 2.6L NA diesel engine, which generates torque of 164–167 Nm and 79 HP, is used in both vehicles.

Practical Features Comparison


Hyundai Porter

Kia Shehzore

Loading Deck

4539 mm²

3,165 L x 1,630 W (mm)

Maximum Towing Weight (Braked Trailer) 

1 Ton 

1.5-1.7 Tons 


2.6L Naturally Aspirated

2.6L Naturally Aspirated


78 HP@ 4,000 RPM

79 HP@ 4,000 RPM


167Nm@ 2,200

164 Nm@ 2,400 RPM

Maximum seating capacity 

3 adults

3-5 adults

Curb weight


1.4-1.5 Tons


N/A, manual

5 speed, manual

USB ports and MP3 players






Digital MID




All steel rims with spare wheel

All steel rims with spare wheel


Hydraulic steering

Power steering

Fuel tank capacity

65 liters

60 liters


Arifa Hussain