Why Is the Honda CG 125 Well-Known Among Pakistani Youth?
  Jun 04, 2024     Arifa Hussain  

Why Is the Honda CG 125 Well-Known Among Pakistani Youth?

One of Atlas Honda's well-known bikes is the CG 125. The Honda CG 125 was first released in 1976 by the Japanese automaker Honda. Up until 2008, it was produced there. In 1992, its manufacturing was moved to Pakistan. Additionally, in 2012 this two-wheeled motorbike began to meet Euro 2 emission criteria. In Pakistan, it has drawn the interest of several youthful riders.

The Honda CG 125's Reasons for Being Popular

Let's investigate the causes behind Pakistanis' infatuation with the Atlas Honda CG 125.

Its Potent Engine

The newest Honda motorcycle from 2024, the CG 125, has a powerful engine. It delivers exceptional speed and strong performance on the roads. It also features a 125cc four-stroke single cylinder air-cooled engine that makes riding a motorcycle pleasant. Beyond just a riding machine, it is more. I will state it as "passion and aspiration for Pakistani young riders" to put it another way.

Customers can easily repair motorcycles like the Honda CG 125 because to its remarkable design and straightforward construction technique. They can simply fix it as well. This is crucial in a country like Pakistan where finding trustworthy professionals and replacement parts is difficult. But since it's so widely available, finding its mechanics and replacement components is simple!

Effective Operation

It operates quickly and with great performance. It is well-known in its class for its speed and exceptional fuel efficiency. This is one of the main causes of the Honda CG 125's notoriety among young people in Pakistan. Due to its exceptional performance, it has been a popular choice for long-distance travel, practical use, and city commuting.

Sturdy Construction

The Honda CG 125 engine is dependable and designed to withstand hardships. those that the motorist may see when traveling over uneven terrain. Its remarkable "roaring sound," which draws bike fans, allows it to go on uneven roads thanks to the premium materials used in its construction. It can readily withstand the shocks of Pakistan's roadways without suffering any serious harm. Because to its sturdy structure and lightweight design, the riders can drive more maneuverably.

Dependable reputation

People's obsession with the Honda CG 125's reliable reputation is another fascinating factor. Over the years, Honda has developed a solid reputation for dependability. Additionally, this motorbike has been in use by individuals. Given how long it has been in use and the fact that users have not yet experienced any serious problems, it is clear that people have come to trust it.

More Economical Than Rivals

Stated differently, the Honda CG 125 is reasonably priced because it is easy on the pocketbook. It is also more expensive than similar models from other manufactures, such as the Suzuki GSX 125 and Yamaha YBR 125. It's ideal for those on a tight budget who nevertheless want fuel-efficient cars. As such, many believe it to be rather convenient and would rather get this bike.


Purchasing it is preferred by many young bike enthusiasts as it may be tailored to their tastes. To enhance its appearance, they might modify the handlebars, increase the mudguard, and alter its life. These bike owners add decals on the outside to enhance the bike's aesthetic appeal. The younger riders traverse the roads on one wheel with it.

Disclaimer: Because it might result in serious traffic accidents, one-wheeling is not permitted in Pakistan. On the other hand, you should only use the content for informative reasons.

Typically, people swap out the matte black silencer with chrome ones, which enhance the sound quality overall.

Last Thought

In conclusion, there are a number of reasons why young people in Pakistan love the Honda CG 125. They feature a distinctive growling sound, strong performance, excellent fuel efficiency, cheap maintenance costs, and an enormous carrying capacity. It's very amazing that it offers so many services to its clients at this cheap.

The current pricing of the Honda CG 125 in Pakistan is RS 234,900. Users should prepare for an abrupt price increase because of its popularity. Users should continue to visit Atlas Honda's official website, nevertheless.

Arifa Hussain