Is The Double Cabin Kia Shehzore A Brilliant Idea Or A Mistake?
  Jun 05, 2024     Arifa Hussain  

Is The Double Cabin Kia Shehzore A Brilliant Idea Or A Mistake?

The history of Pakistan began when DFML presented the Kia Shehzore, the country's first double-cabin, just a day ago. People, get your cowbells; we are going to help you sort through the flurry of thoughts around this strange animal. You may also read the staff at PakWheels's professional narration about the new service.

The entire scenario started shortly after our social media team posted an update complete with a video tour, letting users examine the car's technology components and design aspects.

As usual, the internet didn't take long to share its colorful opinions on the Shehzore's aesthetics. We saw a discussion in the comments area that was more heated than a political demonstration.

The internet community came up with a funny analogy, comparing it to the classic single-cabin Shehzore and referring to it as "the love child of a Carry Dabba and a Vigo." They brutally mocked the newcomer for its dubious design decisions, making you wonder if it's attempting to pass for a family minivan or a truck.

The Argument Over Price

There has also been much discussion about the cost of the Kia Shehzore double cabin. It costs around Rs. 7.5 million, which is a lot more than the Rs. 3.5 million single-cabin variant.

This stark disparity has prompted more investigation. Opponents point out that for the price of the newly announced double cabin Shehzore, one could get two single-cabin units like Porter, saving half a million dollars. Given this, the pricing critique seems just as legitimate as your mother's judgment of your messy room.

A Clever Move?

It is possible to view the unfavorable responses as a tactical benefit from a marketing perspective. Positive or negative, the increased focus makes the car more visible. There is such a thing as good publicity, and this type of publicity may be advantageous. It's possible that the negative publicity around the double-cabin Kia Shehzore may make it more noticeable on the market and draw in interested customers.

Furthermore, this car is a first in Pakistan for its class. Despite the initial criticism, the idea of a double-cabin special-purpose commercial vehicle is fresh for the local market, making it a compelling choice.

The double-cabin Kia Shehzore may not be the ideal choice for individuals who are expressly looking for a business vehicle for heavy-duty hauling. It's crucial to remember that this car is intended to be a "crew cab," combining truck characteristics with more room for passengers. Because of its truck bed, which can be used to move materials, equipment, or cargo, it is an excellent option for companies that need to move both people and commodities.

By arranging extra seats for two to four people behind the driver's seat in the double cabin, enterprises may save time and money by transporting their personnel and equipment in one trip.

Appeal in a Niche

It is appropriate for occupations including delivery drivers, farmers, electricians, plumbers, landscapers, and construction workers. The combination of functionality provided by a vehicle that can effectively transport both people and cargo is advantageous for both functions.

Furthermore, if you like to purchase bakra while visiting "Bakra Mandi" with your family, the recently revealed Shehzore double cabin is the most practical option.

In the Pakistani market, the double-cabin Kia Shehzore is a risky move. It might not meet the demands of everyone, but it presents a novel idea that has the potential to change the way companies conduct business. Despite the fact that opinions on it are divided, this car is innovative. Regardless of whether it was a smart decision or a bad one, the double-cabin Kia Shehzore has unquestionably generated discussion and attention—which is a noteworthy accomplishment in and of itself.

Arifa Hussain