Tout Mafia Entry Restrictions Announced by the Driving License Office in Islamabad
  Jul 09, 2024     Arifa Hussain  

Tout Mafia Entry Restrictions Announced by the Driving License Office in Islamabad

The tout mafia is not allowed to enter the grounds of the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) driving license office. The purpose of this action is to improve the merit and openness of the licensing procedure.
The traffic chief has firmly forbidden any suspicious person from visiting the office because of their involvement in unlawful actions linked to the driving license procedure, according to a statement released by the ITP. Known to operate out of major public service offices, the tout mafia charges exorbitant fees to residents for various duties like as creating files, scheduling appointments, filling out paperwork, and providing special services.

One of the actions taken by the current ITP chief, Muhammad Sarfraz Virk, who has brought about several reforms in the last six months, is the banning of the tout mafia.

New Headquarters and On-Wheels Service

ITP has effectively moved its offices to a location on Murree Road, Shakarparian, that is authorized by law, from a non-conforming region of the city. The Islamabad Expressway makes it easy for people living in urban and rural regions, as well as private housing societies, to get to this new location, which has the support of all pertinent municipal bodies.
In addition to the offices and public facilitation centers, the new headquarters has a big parking lot, air-conditioned waiting spaces, a restaurant, a mosque, and grass.

In addition, the chief traffic officer has started offering residents doorstep assistance through an on-wheel service. Universities, colleges, government and semi-government agencies, media outlets, and other organizations are covered by this service.
Additionally, a service called "education on wheels" has been introduced, providing traffic law awareness seminars at several metropolitan locations. Furthermore, a special assistance program known as "ITP Mechanic on Wheels" has been established. This program enables those in need to contact the hotline number 1915 to locate a mechanic in any part of the federal capital.

It is important to note that the Islamabad High Court's (IHC) Justice Miangul Hassan Aurangzeb is presently deliberating on a petition concerning the ITP's ability to handle infractions and other difficulties. In 2020, the petitioner notified the IHC that the ITP had previously run its headquarters along 9th Avenue on the Greenbelt.




Arifa Hussain