Affordable Kia Sportage Now Available on Easy Installments
  Jul 10, 2024     AASMA MAJiD  

Affordable Kia Sportage Now Available on Easy Installments

Kia Motors has introduced an exciting new offer for its popular crossover SUV, the Kia Sportage. In light of the current economic challenges, local car manufacturers, including Lucky Motors, have devised enticing deals to attract customers. This latest offer allows car enthusiasts to own a Kia Sportage through an easy installment plan. Here is a detailed overview of the offer, the installment plan, and the pricing of different Kia Sportage variants.

The Offer

Lucky Motors has rolled out an appealing installment plan for the Kia Sportage. This offer makes it easier for customers to own their dream car. With a low-down payment of 50% and the remaining amount spread over 18 monthly installments, owning a Kia Sportage has become more accessible.

Starting from July 9th, 2024, customers can choose between two purchasing options:

  1. Classic Cash Purchase: Pay the full amount upfront for a straightforward buying experience.
  2. Limited-Time Easy Installment Plan: Make the purchase more manageable with a down payment followed by monthly installments.

The Installment Plan

The installment plan varies based on the Kia Sportage variant you choose. Here are the details:

- Sportage Alpha: With a 50% down payment of Rs. 3,775,000, the monthly installment is Rs. 209,722.

- Sportage FWD: This variant requires a down payment of Rs. 3,995,000 and a monthly installment of Rs. 221,944.

- Sportage AWD: The down payment for this variant is Rs. 4,360,000, with a monthly installment of Rs. 242,222.

- Sportage Limited Edition: To own this premium variant, you need a down payment of Rs. 4,625,000 and a monthly installment of Rs. 256,944.

Kia Sportage Pricing

Here is the ex-factory price of each locally assembled Kia Sportage variant:

- Kia Sportage Alpha: Rs. 7,300,000

- Kia Sportage FWD: Rs. 7,740,000

- Kia Sportage AWD: Rs. 8,470,000

- Kia Sportage Limited Edition: Rs. 9,000,000


Kia's new installment plan for the Sportage makes it easier for customers to own a stylish and reliable SUV. Whether you choose the Alpha, FWD, AWD, or Limited Edition variant, this offer provides a flexible and affordable way to upgrade your ride. Take advantage of this limited-time offer and enjoy the freedom and comfort of driving a Kia Sportage.

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