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Toyota Hilux is one of the most successful pick-up trucks in the world, and it is a trusted and highly reliable commercial and recreational vehicle. There is no tough competition of Hilux in Pakistan,

Hilux is considered a solid pick-up truck. Ghandara Industries Limited introduces the ISUZU D-MAX range of pick-up trucks to compete with the Toyota Hilux Variants.

It was believed that the new ISUZU D-MAX will give tough competition to Toyota Hilux. And it was not only well-equipped but it was also cheaper in terms of price as compared to Toyota Hilux.

The D-MAX variant was the price from RS: 3,00,000 to RS:7,00,000 lacs cheaper than the Hilux variants, ISUZU D-MAX was able to attain nearly 15% shares of the pick-up truck market against Toyota by the end of 2019,

After 2019 things go wrong, and Ghandara only manages to sell 141 units of the D-MAX. The half-year sale of ISUZU D-MAX is four times less than the Hilux. The main reason for ISUZU D-MAX declined is its high prices because initially, it’s up to 7 lacs cheaper than the Hilux but now the difference is only RS: 60,000. So now D-MAX seems out of the race so there is no real threat for Toyota Hilux but recently Morris Garage gives us a hint that they might introduce the Extender Pick-up truck to compete against Toyota Hilux in Pakistan.

The MG Extender is a pick-up truck and it comes in a variety of configurations with 2.0-liter petrol or diesel power engine. The vehicle was teased with a “Coming Soon” on the company’s official page as well whereas Javed Afridi, who is a very well-known businessman and a key-figure behind MG Cars in Pakistan and he has been actively teasing various MG Vehicles on his Social Media that the company might be planning to introduce in Pakistan.  

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