How To Control Car With Phone / Car Controlling With Phone Is No More
  Aug 30, 2023     talha seo  

Have you forgotten to lock the car? It is not less than the worst nightmare. The car lovers must understand how anxious it is when your car is outside and you forget to check if it's properly locked or not. How about monitoring the cars on your phone? Yeah, you heard it very right. Due to the high development and latest technologies now one can even control the cars with smart phones. Are you in a hurry? Do you getting late for a meeting? Are you too lazy to reach out at the Ac controller, music or heater? No worries one can turn them on or off through on click on phone. There are so many apps that work perfectly to provide you comfort and ease as much as possible. We've found the apps that help you to control the car with the phone.

·   Connect2car.

·   My Smart Remote.

·   OnStar Remote Link.

·   Toyota Entune.

·   BMW Connected and Mini Connected.

·   Nissan Leaf App.

·   Hyundai Blue Link.




It is one of the best yet popular apps that help you to have complete control of the car. The app combines a multi-function controller to your car that allows the user to perform some basic 

functions including rolling windows by using the phone. However, one can easily lock doors, open the convertible tops, turn on or off the stereo, turn on music or AC, start the engine, and other activities through this app. However, it also allows the phone to read out loud about the GPS location. Currently, it is available for the ios 8.1, iPhone, iPad, and iPod.



My Smart Remote



It is the next amazing app to control the car with the phone. The basic aim of this app is to provide security to car users. One can install it on their iPhones or android easily. You can easily do the basic commands includes door opening or closing, turn on the heater or AC, engine controlling. The thing that makes this app stands out of the crowd is its ability to control the models of the 90s. Those who have old models can easily use this app. Moreover, due to the high-security mechanisms, it saves your car from any illegal access.


OnStar Remote Link



This app is best to use for the general motors. It helps you to lock or unlock the doors, stop or start the engine, horn hocking, and turn on the flashlights in crowded areas. Furthermore, you can easily search the places where you want to go on their app. The navigation will help you to reach out to the destination. Furthermore, you can easily check the fuel percentage or level and tire pressure level as well. Moreover, if you want to check the battery level of the car pair it with the Chevrolet Volt.


Toyota Entune


It is the best app for the Toyota motors. It helps to search the places and saves the destination. Furthermore, you can use your smartphone data connection to start the car's navigation system. Furthermore, it allows you to make reservations of restaurant tables or movie tickets through the car dashboard. It helps to manage the vehicle charging, control the climate, and locate the vehicle on the map as well.



BMW Connected and MINI Connected 



Both are the rebranded version of mainly the same app with slight differences. This app allows you to have good access to social media through the dashboard, helps to turn the radio or your favorite music, search the destinations, and generate music according to the driving styles.


Nissan Leaf App



The electric vehicle's basic need is the charging of the battery.


With the Nisan Leaf app, one can easily check the battery state, estimate the driving range, and manage the charging times to get the benefit of the best electricity rates. Furthermore, it helps to manage the override charging schedule as well. However, the climate control is also possible by using this app.


It is the new app in the market that embedded with multiple features. Users can easily lock or unlock the doors, honk the horn, start or off the engine, flash the lights, and transferring of the car by using the navigation system. 



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