Except for Hyundai, all companies lost car sales in April.
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According to the PAMA survey, almost all auto companies reported disappointing results in April of this year. Here are the specifics.

To recap, car sales were at an all-time low in the same month last year. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the federal and provincial governments instituted nationwide lockdowns in March and April 2020.

 Car Sales in April 2021

According to the PAMA survey, the Pakistani auto industry sold 17,144 car units in April 2021. Month-on-month car sales fell by 17 percent as compared to March 2021.

Pak Suzuki Motors announced a 15% drop in sales to 8,606 units in April 2021, compared to 10,161 units in March 2021.

Toyota Indus Motors sold 5,355 units in April 2021 compared to 6,695 units in March 2021, a 20% decrease.

Honda Atlas saw the greatest drop of 27 percent, with the company selling just 2,287 units in April 2021. The sales figure for last month was 3,153.

Kia Motors (non-member of PAMA) recorded a 16% decline in car sales month over month.

In an unexpected turn of events, Hyundai Nishat sales increased by 24 percent to 896 units in April, but how? Elantra is a single title.

Sales of Passenger Vehicles

Except for the Hyundai Elantra, all cars in the passenger car category lost sales. In April 2021, Toyota sold 2,600 Yaris models and 1,724 Corolla models. These figures are 22% and 19% lower than in March. Honda sold 2,053 City and Civic models in April, a 21% decrease from the 2,603 units sold in March.

Suzuki also saw a drop in revenue across the board, with 181 Swifts, 1,312 Cultus, 747 Bolans, and 4,091 Altos sold in April. Surprisingly, the Wagon R's sales increased by 20%.

 Hyundai came out swinging, selling 280 Elantra in the second month of the car's release. Sales have increased by 509 percent compared to the 46 units sold in March.

Jeeps and SUVs

Sales of Passenger Vehicles Among SUVs, the Hyundai Tucson lost sales but still outsold the Toyota Fortuner with 503 sales in April 2021. The Fortuner had 364 units sold in April, while the Honda BR-V had just 234 units sold.

2/3 wheeler

In April 2021, 149,368 two-wheelers and three-wheelers were sold, compared to 170,350 units sold in March 2021. This equates to a 12% decrease.

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