Petrol prices have risen by Rs. 5.4 per liter yet again!
  Aug 31, 2023     talha seo  

Petroleum prices have been raised for the first time, twice, and now three times in a row. The price of petrol increased by Rs. 2.13 per liter on June 16th. Petrol prices increased by Rs. 2 per liter on July 1st. With effect from July 16th, the price has risen by Rs. 5.4 per liter.


The Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA), according to reports, sent a summary to the Petroleum Division. The OGRA proposed raising the price of petrol by Rs. 11.5, high-speed diesel by Rs. 2.40, light-speed diesel by Rs. 1.40, and kerosene oil by Rs. 1.50. Imran Khan, the Prime Minister, reviewed and approved the proposal, but with some tweaks and changes.


The new prices were announced today by the Finance Ministry. The price of petrol has risen by Rs. 5.4 and that of diesel by Rs. 2.54.


Earlier Petrol Prices

Petrol was previously priced at Rs. 112.69 per liter in Pakistan. Diesel, light diesel, and kerosene oil were each priced at Rs. 113.99, Rs. 83.40, and Rs. 85.75.


New Prices

The new petrol price is Rs. 118.09, and the new diesel price is Rs. 115.62, following the government's increase in petroleum prices. Light diesel and kerosene oil are now priced at Rs. 84.67 and Rs. 87.14, respectively. The new prices will go into effect the following day.


Increasing petroleum prices three times in a row is not cool. However, they claim that it is due to an increase in international prices. What are your thoughts on the government's decision to raise gasoline prices yet again? How do you feel about another Rs. 5.4 price increase? What do you think the other people are thinking? Let us know what you think in the comments section.

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