Honda City 6th Generation Specifications and Features
  Aug 31, 2023     talha seo  


The Honda City 6th Generation will be released tomorrow. Here are the full specifications and features of this new vehicle. It is important to note that the vehicle will be available in five variants: 1200cc Manual, 1200cc S CVT, 1500cc S CVT, 1500cc AS Manual, and 1500cc Aspire S CVT.


Engine and Transmission:

The SOHC i-VTec 4-Cylinder 16-Valves engine is found in all variants. The first two variants are powered by a 1199cc engine that produces 88hp and 110Nm of torque. Meanwhile, the remaining three are powered by a 1497cc engine that produces 118hp and 145Nm of torque.

The two-manual variants (1200cc and 1500cc) are equipped with 5-speed manual transmissions, while the other three are equipped with CVT transmissions.



Premium Dual Barrel Halogen Headlights with Integrated DRLs are standard on all variants. The Rear Lights feature Advanced Wrap-Around bulbs lights, while the Fog Lamps (bulbs) are optional in the first three variants and standard in the top two. The 1500cc AS Manual and 1500cc AS CVT models have 15-inch Alloy wheels, while the other three models have 15-inch Steel wheels. As a Spare Tyre, all five variants have a 15-inch Steel Wheel.

Meanwhile, the first three variants feature Keyless Entry with Trunk Opener, while the remaining two (1500cc AS M/T & 1500 AS CVT) features Smart Key Entry.



 The first three variants of the Honda City 6th Generation lack Push Start, Auto Air Conditioner, and Rear AC vents, whereas the rest do. The interior of all five variants is Ivory. Meanwhile, all variants have the option of adjusting the driver's seat height. The Retractable Sideview Mirrors are Auto + Electric in two top-of-the-line variants, while the rest of the variants are only Electric.

Tilt and Telescopic Electronic Power Steering is standard on all variants, making driving the car very easy and comfortable. The infotainment screen in the first three variants is 7-inch Touchscreen, while the other two have a 9-inch screen.


Safety features

 include ABS + EBD, Dual Airbags, and Auto Door Lock at Speed, as well as Disc Brakes in the front and Drum Brakes in the rear. Only the base model (1200cc Manual) lacks Cruise Control, while the rest of the variants have the option. The rear camera is optional in the first three variants, but standard in the top two.

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