Pakistan and Korea are planning to work together to expand electric vehicle charging infrastructure in Pakistan
  Aug 31, 2023     talha seo  


In recent news, Pakistan and Korea are set to transform the electric vehicle landscape through a collaboration between Zi Solar, a leading renewable energy solution provider in Pakistan, and Aeonus, a Korean global leader in renewable energy. Both companies will collaborate to ensure the continued deployment of electric vehicles across the country, as well as the respective storage components.


This also includes research and development to boost the electric charging infrastructure.


The document was signed at the office of the Korea Trade-Investment Cooperation Agency in Karachi by M. Bilal Zaigham, Director of Business from Zi Solar, Mohammad Farooq, CEO of Zi Solar, Daniel from Aeonus, and Eun Heo, CEO of Aeonus. Zaigham Hassan, Director of Zi Solar, and Zaigham Mahmood Rizvi, Zi Solar's founding chairman.


This collaboration will significantly lessen reliance on prior energy sources while also lowering the cost of oil imports. The collaboration will also boost Pakistan's Electric Vehicles Policy 2020-2025, which aims for a 30% and 90% share in passenger vehicles and heavy-duty trucks by 2030 and 2040, respectively.


According to Bilal Zaigham, in order to make the trend of electric vehicles sustainable, a dependable efficient charging solution and the associated equipment are required, and the relationship with Aeonus will assist Pakistan in achieving that goal.


Furthermore, Aenous CEO Eun Heo expressed the following:


“We are proud to select Zi Solar as our exclusive partner to provide renewable energy solutions in Pakistan. Aeonus is empowering communities to build a safer and better society by providing innovative technology solutions to tackle the effects of global climate change. The provision of modern electric vehicle charging equipment and solutions based on Korean technology to Pakistan also reflect our commitments.”

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