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On April 22, 2017, Suzuki debuted the third generation of the Cultus in Pakistan, which is known as Celerio across the world. Suzuki Cultus 2018 refreshed the whole Cultus styling structure, resulting in a more advanced and subtler cultus. The Suzuki Cultus was first unveiled at India's 'Motor Show 2014,' and later at the 2014 Auto Expo. Pak Suzuki introduced the Cultus (1000cc automobile) in response to the country's rising need for fuel-efficient family cars and the increasing popularity of foreign compact cars. Suzuki Cultus 2018 is available in two trim levels: VXR and VXL (top of the line). The VXL has airbags, power steering, power windows, fog lights, and an anti-lock brake system, whereas the VXR lacks some of these amenities but available at a reasonable price.


A distinctive shape is created by a crisp frontal face with sweeping character lines flowing into a rear profile intended for airflow that belies the large interior. Cultus redefines the notion of a compact car with its dramatic design and calming interior.


Cultus is leagues ahead above the competition when it comes to internal spaciousness and pleasure. You may stretch out and relax in a stress-free riding atmosphere with plenty of room for legs and big thoughts. And, because to the clever design, getting in and out is also a breeze.

There's no need to stress about what to pack now that your suitcase space is greater than your zest for life. The reduced tailgate of the Cultus car opens wide for convenient cargo handling of anything you could possibly need, and then more.

The blacklight digital-analog speedometer is up to date, and the smoothly spinning knobs are an improvement over the previous generation. Suzuki has isolated the noise, adding flexible side mirrors, built-in Wireless connectivity, and much more to make rides more pleasant.


Suzuki automobiles are known for their excellent fuel efficiency, which is one of their most notable attributes. The original Cultus was also rather good in terms of performance and fuel economy, but the new model raises the standard significantly.

The steering mechanism and enhanced power dispersion are gradually proving to be a pleasurable experience. The new manual gearbox simplifies gear shifts while also lowering noise levels. What's even more fascinating is that the automobile averages about 20 km/l (kilometers per liter). According to post-launch study, mileage in congested metropolitan areas is about 16-18 km/l, while on freeways and motorways it may reach 23 km/l.

Two-pedal technology is used in auto gear shift-enabled vehicles. They don't have a clutch pedal, which alleviates the tension and strain of driving in congested areas. The drive's smart AGS allows users to exchange between manually and automated mode with ease. Because to AGS's innovation, multiple gearboxes became more affordable, with fuel economy equivalent to manual transmissions. You have the flexibility of an automatic gearbox without sacrificing gas mileage thanks to AGS innovation. AGS Technology equips your vehicle with unrivalled economy and performance, as well as enhanced driving comfort. In addition to these outstanding characteristics, AGS Technology-equipped vehicles are relatively affordable. Customers may discover a whole new world of technology with AGS models, which are available at incredibly affordable rates.


Crush-able zones for impact absorption are included in the Total Effective Control Technology (TECT) body proportions, which is designed for environment protection and light weight, a structure that distributes force of impact, and an excellent cabin. The frame is made up of a lot of raised and ultra-high-tensile steel, making it light and resistant to accidents.

ABS prevent tires from blocking during sudden braking and offers stability for avoidance action. Furthermore, EBD aids control by applying the proper amount of power from the front and back wheels.

The abbreviation SRS stands for supplementary restraint system. In the case of a collision, it is meant to give additional protection beyond that provided by the seatbelt. For driver and passenger safety, the Suzuki Cultus AGS is fitted with Dual SRS Airbags. An anti-theft device that prevents the automobile from starting with an illegal key.


The bug deflector will protect your paint from withering and scratches, as well as the inside of your vehicle from discoloration and breaking. During wet and windy weather, it will help keep your automobile from being muddy and damp. Garnish with a low grill Dress up for a special occasion.

The dirt flaps are designed to capture dirt and mud cleared away from the road so it doesn't end up all across your car. Its structure disrupts and prevents lift by ‘spoiling' the smooth passage of air at the back of a vehicle. When wind passes beneath your car, it creates a lift effect.

The New Cultus' excellent seat coverings give the inside a refined air. The colors of the cushions blend in wonderfully with the rest of the car. The steering wheel cover from New Cultus is finely crafted and complements the interior.

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