Changan hunter f70
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Changan hunter f70 is officially going to be launched by china automobile market end of this year. It is the most awaited double cabin truck with lavish design, high quality with rich configuration which has astonished the Chinese media. However, there is a difference in exporting version and domestic version of Changan hunter. It is the international version of #kiacheng (KIACENE) f70. The venture partner of this product is PSA (Peugeot citron). Changan has started to sell or market f70 by using hunter as a brand name in South America.



Detailed specifics of Changan f70 hunter:


Its body size is one of the best size in china automobile market. It consists of very tough eye-catching front face style having a huge mesh logo grille with black decoration for a wild look. It has three-dimensional design with fog lamps and enriched sports elements. Its length is same as Hilux but with bigger width of 2 meters and of height 1835mm. Wheel base is also kept bigger to enhance the exterior look.






It contains 3180mm wheel base.

This luxury version truck has 17 inches wheels which can fit tires in size 265/65R17.

Comfort version fits tires of 245/R17 in size.

There are two version of hunter with a plastic wheel arches and without plastic wheel arches.

              If the hunter f70 size is compared with other models of truck of different companies following graph is revealed.


Kaicene f70

Toyota hilux

Isuzu D-Max













Wheel base





Interior of hunter f70:

Hunter f70 consists of an impressive looking interior with a chunkier flat-bottomed steering wheel capable of multifunction. For music lovers, there is 10 inches touch screen Bluetooth in the luxury version while the domestic version has a slight difference by having a Bluetooth of 8 inches. Below this, there is an air conditioner with a climate-control system so you can easily alter the environment of your car according to your desire.

There are reversing sensors and immobilizer as standard. The luxury version gets disc brakes, front collision warning, blind-spot monitoring, traction control as well as a reverse camera. Stability control, cruise control, and pressure monitoring system are also provided. It also has an active braking system lane departure warning. Further, it is expected hunter f70 would have a voice control function.

Seats of the truck are also luxurious comfortable with a three-point seat belt.

Safety configuration is also kept in mind by providing ABS and EBD, dual front airbags.




Changan hunter f70 contains 4 cylinder engines:

  1. DEV D20T diesel engine
  2. Isuzu VM diesel engine
  3. PSA DW12 diesel engine
  4. Mitsubishi 4K22D4T gasoline engine

1.9-liter variable geometry turbocharged diesel in Changan hunter f70 enables it to get horsepower of 150 to gain torque of 350 Nm between 1800 and 2800. To increase the speed of engine its speed is coupled with 6-speed manual transmission and an electronic traction selector is provided .2-wheel drive and four-wheel drive are equipped. The performance of the engine is enhanced by adding Bosch injection and chain distribution mechanism.


  In this article we have discussed about the Changan hunter f70 which is launched by Changan company of china at Chongqing auto show. It is worth buying truck with beautiful design ,4-wheel and 2-wheel gear system and powerful engine. Design of this truck is luxurious and destined to reach international markets and it is the first to be sold in the Chilean market. Its attractive design makes it appealing as well as the interior with lots of automatic features such as gear system, air conditioning, Bluetooth screen, atmosphere controlling system comfortable seats brings comfortable and luxury together. 

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