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Decision to buy can be a challenging work; for most people, an automobile is either the major or second largest expensive purchase of their lives.

Buying a used automobile seems more like an art than just a science—many aspects come into consideration. In Pakistan, purchasing a used automobile has become the latest trend. Buying a secondhand car, on the other hand, does not imply that you have to compromise cheaper. It's critical to be well-informed, and Mywheels.pk has conducted research to help customers learn how to shop for used automobiles.

Phase 1: Ensure a Budgeting and Automobile Types:

first and perhaps the most important element to evaluate is your budget, and more particularly, the cars that you can afford.

Determining what automobiles, you can buy over a certain budget range is effortless with My Wheels; just a few clicks and you'll be able to create a list of cars that fit your current budget.

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  • To see all the cars available in that price range, go to used car search, apply the price filter, and choose your desired budget.
  • You may also read many of our articles about vehicles on a budget in our blog area.

Our goal is to create a selection of vehicles that fit your budget.

Phase 2: Do Your Exploration:

After you've generated a shortlist of vehicles that fit your budget, you'll need to do some research to make your final decision by considering the following: What qualities do you seek? Can you afford hefty servicing and refueling costs? How about resale value and spare parts? Do you want to compare automobiles in the same genre that you might buy? These and many other questions should be addressed before deciding on a vehicle. You can get an idea from the platforms listed below.

  • You may read user reviews on various cars in the MyWheels Car Review section. Here is a link to the MyWheels.pk review area. https://bit.ly/3l2d1tk
  • MyWheels Blog - Read various automobile reviews to make an informed conclusion. https://bit.ly/3cDlKgL
  • We have several evaluations on all cars sold in Pakistan on our YouTube channel. These films can help you understand the various features, benefits, and drawbacks of the cars you're interested in or that fit within your budget. https://bit.ly/3CLP7Z3

Phase 3: Generate a checklist of the vehicles you'd want to purchase and schedule an appointment with the dealer:

Carefully select the vehicles and contact the owners. Follow the steps outlined below:

  • Visit the Mywheels.pk used car area.
  • Filters can be used to add information like price, mileage, color, city, registered city, and so on.
  • Hundreds of vehicle advertisements will appear. On this new page, you will find an overview of automobiles, and if you want a more complete summary, simply click on the ad and you will be taken to the car's detailed details.
  • Save the listings that appear to be fair so you can contact the vendor at subsequent time.

To learn more about what you're going to buy, talk to a friend or a professional who knows about cars and their prices.

Phase 4: Whenever you purchase a car, have it examined:

Once you've decided on a vehicle, it's a good idea to have it inspected by a reputable technician or by the MyWheels inspection crew.

The surveillance system examines the car's physical and mechanical condition on 200+ points and can provide you with a real-time image of the car. It's the equivalent of having your car X-rayed.

If you are familiar with the vehicle, you should inspect it without reluctance. Examine for any noises coming from the car, especially engine noises, as well as the car blower, which also will give you a sense of the car's engine status. Additionally, inspect the automobile for metal rust/accidentals, body paint, suspension, tires, and other issues.

Phase 5: Schedule a Trial Tour:

It is vital to test drive a car after you have made your mind up. This is the most effective technique to ensure that what you expected and what you received are identical. While a thorough examination will reveal the majority of the vehicle's defects, you can only make an informed decision after driving the vehicle for 3-5 kilometers and asking yourself if it is what you expected. Many customers change their minds following test drives because the car was not what they were looking for to begin with!

Phase 6: Check the Documents:

This is possibly the most important stage. Check the registration number against the one on the documentation, and if there is a conflict, stop chasing the vehicle right away. Furthermore, verify whether the car's book or file is duplicated or not, as this impacts the vehicle's pricing and, in many cases, leads to fraud. Inspect the GD (goods declaration), BL (bill of lading), and Export Certificate, among other documents.

Phase 7: Transfer the Car Ownership on Your Name:

The process isn't over just because the car is stored in your garage. Because riding on an open letter is forbidden, you must register the car into your ownership.

We believe you have a satisfying experience purchasing a used automobile and that this information proves to be useful. Good luck with your purchases.                                                                                                       

Now the next point which has to be discussed is how to sell your pre-loved car.so here is the guideline which will be very helpful for you.

An Ultimate Guide to Selling A Used Car Easily!

Nowadays, selling a secondhand car is a difficult task. Perhaps the most effective approach is to sell your automobile through MyWheels.pk, which will connect you with the best purchasers in the marketplace while you stay home.

These are some of the standard procedures that will assist you through the process of selling your car.

1-  Schedule a Mechanic a Visit:

When you've decided to sell your car, the first step you should do is take it to a mechanic. Allow him to evaluate your vehicle and determine if there are any issues that need to be addressed so that you can get it fixed. Oil leaking, strange noises from your car, and other issues could be the cause of the problem. To attract more clients, the car should be in excellent condition.

2- Service and Detailing:

Take your car to a car service center once you've completed a mechanical inspection. Inquire about auto maintenance and detailing. Customers expect your car to be tidy and appealing.

3- Finalize the paperwork:

All of the car's documentation, including the registration book and service history, can be accessed on. Your buyer must understand that you maintained the car in good working order throughout its use. Keep receipts for service in your record. A buyer would undoubtedly want to look through all of them in order to be satisfied.

6- Place an advertisement:

It's finally time to put your car up for sale. Nowadays, using MyWheels.pk to sell an automobile in Pakistan is a highly effective approach. It accelerates the sale of your vehicle. Write a detailed description of the vehicle, including all significant characteristics, mileage, and model.

Mention any extra features that will help to justify the cost of your vehicle. Remember to include the photos you took before. You now have a comprehensive portfolio of your vehicle. To obtain the greatest deals, create a successful ad on MyWheels.

7- Meet your Client:

When you've received the best offer, ask the customer to a convenient location where you may show them your car. Show them your car's top characteristics. Maintain a level of self-assurance that will allow you to win trust.

Remember, this isn't the last client you'll have on the entire world. Allow them to check the vehicle and ask questions. Always respond nicely to queries.

You must agree to allow them to have a test drive. To receive the greatest deal, always be flexible with the buyer.

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