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Suzuki Motor Corporation is a Japanese multinational company. Suzuki produces cars, motorcycles, ATVs, outboard marine engines, wheelchairs, and a range of other small internal combustion engines. Suzuki was the eleventh largest carmaker in the world by manufacturing in 2016. Suzuki employs about 45,000 people and operates 35 manufacturing plants in 23 countries, as well as 133 distributors in 192 countries. Automobile sales in the United States are the tenth world's largest, while domestic sales are the third highest in the country.

Suzuki is well-known in Pakistan for its affordable and tiny cars, which appeal to all economic backgrounds. Suzuki has created a name for itself in Pakistan's automobile market, with models ranging from luxury sedans to SUVs. Suzuki Compact 2019 automobiles such as the Mehran, Swift, Wagon R, and Cultus are widely available in Pakistan. Suzuki offers luxury automobiles such as the Ciaz and Vitara as full packages. Suzuki is the exclusive importer of minibuses such as the Bolan and APV, loaders such as the Ravi and Mega, and a long-distance jeep known as the Jimny in Pakistan.

AltoA New Generation Car:

Suzuki Pakistan launched this car in 3 variants i.e. VX, VXR, and AGS (Auto Gear Shifter) with a key feature of power windows, Dual SRS air bags, Antilock braking system with EBD, Immobilizer with the quality of being easy to move and direct, Auto gear shift, boot space and central door locking system.

The R-Series engine in the New Alto 660 cc is a three-cylinder petrol engine. This highly fuel-efficient engine gives you the power, reliability, fuel economy, and control you need whether you're driving through congested streets or cruising up the highway.

The design of the car, which has innovative lines and curves, gives the vehicle a youthful and energetic appearance. The headlamps, on the other hand, have a striking appearance that immediately draws your attention. The car's artistically designed door panels and appealing stylish back complemented the crisp design's richness while also giving it a dynamic aspect.

This car is available in 6 different colors with a price range starting from PKR 1,274,000 onwards.

Cultus A fresh start with a new approach:

In 2017 Suzuki debuted the third generation of the Cultus in Pakistan, which is known as Celerio around the world. Cultus 2018 updated the entire Cultus design structure, resulting in a more advanced and livelier car. Key features of this car include tilt steering, alloy wheels, keyless entry with a high tensile frame. It is fitted with Auto Gear Shift; the sleek exterior combined with the power of the K Series engine makes your driving extremely effortless, wherever you are driving.

Cultus is a livelier choice in its class due to its trendy design and stylish new appearance, which is combined with the aerodynamic shape. When it comes to interior room and comfort, the Cultus is clearly superior above the rest. There's no need to stress about what to bring because there's more luggage capacity than ever before. The elevated seating position and increased vision contribute to a greater sensation of freedom. The decor, on the other hand, contributes to a greater sense of peace and leisure.

This car available in 6 different colors with a price range starting from PKR 1,904,000 onwards.

Wagon-RBe Practical:

For enhanced performance and fuel economy, the Suzuki Wagon R features an all-aluminum, light-weight, yet powerful K-series engine. Because it has a frame-type front suspension system, it will provide you with smoother rides. Furthermore, the cable-type gearshift mechanism is fantastic for smooth gear changes. The new Wagon R will be powered by a 1000cc front engine. Suzuki anticipates that their new Wagon R model would be well received by Pakistani consumers when compared to previous models on the market.

With its intimidating look and style, it serves your essential needs while also building a positive impact. Its wide boy design makes it suitable for people of all ages and genders. Because we recognize that your needs are different and require you to accommodate a lot, a practical automobile does not have to sacrifice room. It is the tallest structure in its class. Its size, security features, and AGS technology enable you and your passengers with fuel efficiency and high-quality service, making frequent trips fun.


The New Suzuki Swift has a brief but illustrious track record of success, awards, and honours.The new Suzuki Swift is continuing its adventure in Pakistan, with awards for Car of the Year in Australia and New Zealand, Asian countries, and European countries, as well as a century of awards in other categories. You’ll enjoy the Swift's elegant, distinctive appearance once you've seen it, and you'll appreciate the feeling even more when you step inside and start it up. The Swift is for those who enjoy driving, have a keen sense of detail, and aren't terrified to leave their impression on the land. This is a car that commands attention, from the powerful chrome highlighted front to the finely glossy wheels. The Swift's toned body lines give it a commanding appearance, while elements like the floating roof and pillar-mounted rear door handles set it apart.

It's fun to drive because it's flexible, responsive, and speedy. It's everything you want when you're approaching a sweeping corner or a long stretch of open road. The DUALJET + SHVS mild hybrid engine is fast and efficient, and the precise steering enhances the driving experience by providing a sense of control and accuracy.


The versatility of the Baleno creates an impression. The practical sedan is the best friend for navigating the many fascinating situations you encounter on a daily basis. The design concept for the Baleno is "Liquid Flow." Because of its minimal and broad posture, as well as the elegantly undulating curves on its body, it has a lovely yet powerful aspect. The car's exterior design, on the other hand, gives it a dynamic vibe, making it more attractive to a wide array of people. The Baleno has been developed with optimum reliability and trustworthiness in consideration.

The 1.4L engine is designed to achieve optimal energy efficiency while delivering high power and fuel efficiency. According to safety it has SRS airbags Pedestrian protection Anti-lock brake system and brake force distribution Rear parking sensors. The Baleno provides matchless comfort; either on a long journey or a little trip. The cabin's exquisite textured fabrics and sophisticated seating designs create a pleasant and calming ambience. There's plenty of storage for all of your items with to the different fractions and 355L carrying capacity.


Suzuki Vitara is marketed around the world as the Suzuki Escudo, a hybrid and compact SUV. From 2016, Vitara is available in Pakistan. The all-new Vitara has been labeled as "The Game Changer" by Suzuki. In Pakistan, Vitara is available in two models: GLX 1.6 and GL+ 1.6. It comes with a 1.6-liter DOHC 16-valve engine and a 6-speed automatic transmission. Vitara engine offers strong driving on city highways as well as winding routes, with torque efficiency through all gears from minimum to maximum. Moreover, the engine and related parts have less friction and weight, resulting in excellent fuel efficiency.

Suzuki Vitara is a robust and boldly styled vehicle that is ready for any adventure. Its physical look exudes strength and vitality. Vitara's striking aesthetic commands attention wherever it goes. You can infuse your drive with vitality on the outside while elevating your senses with the inner finesse of a full-grown SUV on the inside.

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