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Pre - loved autos have unquestionably seized a significant piece of the Pakistani automobile market. Because of the high taxes imposed on automakers, the market is generally dominated by steeply basic model cars, making it extremely difficult for consumers to easily buy them. As a result, the used automobile industry has exploded, with consumers choosing to acquire older cars because they provide greater value for money. In Pakistan's car industry, we're providing recent trends for the automobiles with the best resale value:

Toyota Corolla:

After 5 years, a Toyota Corolla will decline by 38 percent, with a resale value of 2459880.50 rupees. The Toyota Corolla retains its worth well and, surprise, outperforms the Camry by a significant margin. In years 5 and 7, the Corolla outperforms the Camry in terms of value retention, ranking in the top 20. This demonstrates that the Corolla is a terrific deal, new or used, and for those on a budget, it is a great affordable car that will be light on your wallet or purse, regardless of its age. People in Pakistan have given the Toyota Corolla a high rating in the resale area. If you bought a Corolla, you would expect to get a substantial sum of money in your bank account. Furthermore, the manufacturer maintained the quality of its vehicles and earned the trust of local customers.

Suzuki Mehran:

Suzuki Mehran is renowned in Pakistan's local market and among auto admirers. For more than thirty years, the car ruled the compact automotive market. One of the fundamental elements in its success was the absence of rivals. There being no other automobile in the zone in the 800cc category, thus Mehran won. When it comes to the Pakistani market, the Suzuki Mehran is among the most popular automobiles. Despite the fact that it appears to lack the majority of security features and is still far behind its rivals, it is the favorite vehicle of many people in the middle class. The Mehran serves as a gateway for many who go from two-wheel to four-wheel drive, thanks to the company's constant presence in the nation. It is still the cheapest car to maintain, which is why it is the most popular vehicle among middle-class families.

Suzuki Cultus:

Even though Pak Suzuki seems to have a significant presence in the Pakistani automobile sector due to the popularity of the Suzuki Mehran, but it was not until launch of the Suzuki Cultus that the automaker came up with the novel idea of offering a 1000cc vehicle with a better physical shape, more rear cargo space, and more comfortable and relaxing seating arrangements. Suzuki cultus was first brought to Pakistan 20 years ago. This was the Suzuki swift's second generation. It was first released with a carburetor engine, but Suzuki later upgraded it to an EFI engine. PSMC sold 1,637 units of the Cultus in March 2021, representing a YoY increase of 130.6 percent and a MoM rise of 10.3 percent, making it the month's fourth best seller in Pakistan.

Honda City:

When Honda released the Honda City, it hit the correct pitch. This vehicle is both fuel efficient and powerful. It not only has a digital media player, but it also appeals to those who value savings and convenience. Even models of this automobile that were released in 2015 have a good resale value up till now. It has long been regarded as the best automobile in terms of cost effectiveness, and every generation has found it to be quite popular. Honda City has a strong 1300cc engine and an unparalleled driving experience. The Honda City's success may be attributed to the manufacturer's ongoing improvement of vehicle characteristics the car's remarkable blend of trendy exterior and faultless interior is evidence of this.

Suzuki Wagon-R:

The Suzuki Wagon R made its debut in 2014. Because the Suzuki Wagon R is front-wheel drive, the engine is located at the front. It's a little sedan with a lot of space. Wagon R is generated by a new Suzuki K-Series engine, which is calmer and more fuel efficient than the other engines used in Suzuki vehicles. Wagon R VXL and Wagon R VXR are two versions of the first-generation Suzuki Wagon R. In Pakistan, the Suzuki Wagon R 2021 begins at 15.40 Lac and goes up to 16.25 Lac.

Honda Civic:

Honda Civic is the company's best - selling vehicle. Civic has demonstrated its durability, ingenuity, and stability throughout its existence. Honda Civic always has been a step ahead of the competition when it comes to features for each model year. A Honda Civic 2005 version still can surpass its rivals' new engines since the engine is so well designed. As a result, it has a high resale value. Honda automobiles are known for being low-maintenance and having a higher resale value, providing us a significant advantage over the competition.

 Toyota Yaris:

Despite negative early evaluations, the Toyota Yaris has been a top seller in Pakistan for several months, outselling the Honda City and Civic combined, which is an incredible accomplishment. People were first hesitant to embrace it, but as more new trustworthy options were available, they accepted it, and the resale value of the Toyota Yaris increased day by day. The car's worth was enhanced by Toyota's well-known brand, great customer service, and lengthy warranty. However, the Yaris is anticipated to stay at the top of its class for a long time.

Suzuki Alto:

After years of uncertainty about whether the new Suzuki Alto might replace the Mehran in terms of market share, the Alto has managed to find its place. Since the beginning of the year, PSMC has been mass-producing the little subcompact and selling them like hotcakes, with no signs of slowing down or halting in recent months. People preferred to acquire this affordable car on their specific budgets because it replaced the Suzuki Mehran, which is why the Suzuki Alto instantly obtains its strong resale value on the road.

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