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For the 2022 model generation, Honda's iconic Civic small vehicle receives a makeover, with a more mature exterior, additional amenities, and an improved interior design. A variety of four-cylinder engines are available, including a turbocharger 1.5-liter; front-wheel driving will remain default, since Honda has stated that all-wheel drive is not in the plans. Upgraded technological innovations including a bigger touchscreen display, wireless smartphone connection, and enhanced driver-assistance functions are all significant upgrades that will help the Civic beat the Hyundai Elantra, Mazda 3, and Toyota Corolla to the top spot. For 2022, the Civic is completely revamped, with a new interior and exterior. The 2022 Civic will be available in sedan and hatchback body variants, much as the previous generation car.

Honda spared little expense in modernizing the Civics’ body construction and engines, as well as its design and safety measures. The 2022 Honda Civic , like its predecessors, seeks to deliver inexpensive, dependable, and efficient transportation to the public. The well-equipped EX grade on the sedan type, which includes a wide variety of extra equipment that easily justified the price premium, is our pick. Blind-spot tracking, a power sunroof, dual-zone adjustable temperature control, warmed exterior mirrors, and warming front seats are among the amenities. It also has a more efficient 180-hp turbocharger four-cylinder power unit as default.

Improved Features in 2022 model:

The following changes are made to the redesigned Honda Civic sedan and hatchback for 2022:

  • Exterior styling is more refined, and the Civic Si has cut the top front and back flaps.
  • A redesigned 7.0-inch touchscreen is basic, with a 9.0-inch touchscreen available as an alternative.
  • A totally touchscreen infotainment display is offered.
  • The Drive Mode feature on the Civic Si includes Individual mode allows you to customize engine responsiveness, steering effort, and the color of the gauge cluster screen.
  • Civic Si includes lightly sanded body stabilizing athletic seats to increase comfort on lengthy rides.
  • With such a sturdier body, you'll have better driving and crash capability.
  • Both engine types provide better fuel efficiency.
  • For non-Si Civics, a more potent 1.5-liter engine is available; the Civic Si's engine is optimized for a wider torque curve.
  • The Civic Si gets the Civic Type R's relatively brief six-speed manual gearbox with default rev-matching.
  • Tuning for the steering has been improved.
  • To assist avoid severe head and neck traumas, frontal airbags have now been installed.
  • The rear seat side airbags have been improved.
  • Honda Sensitivity has been upgraded to include single-camera technology as well as Traffic Jam Assistance.
  • Three new sedan colors are available in market
  • Two new hatchback colors are available: Boost Smoky Mauve Pearl and Blue Pearl
  • Civic Si color options include: Pearl in a blazing orange.


The Civic hatchback is ideal for individuals who want a bit more space. We really do not know how much space will be accessible, but we do realize that getting things into or out of the rear will indeed be smoother. The five-door compact's rear subframe entrance is 1.6 inches bigger than the Civic hatchback from 2021. The 2022 Civic has a more simplified interior design with smoother lines and a dashboard with a full-width hexagonally mesh design feature that neatly covers the vents. A broader compartment than the previous model seems to be less congested, with what looked like a large, deeper bin front of the gear shifter for storing smartphones, keys, and road-trip food. According to Honda, passenger capacity is nearly the same, while the cargo compartment is larger.


Considering the fact that the new Civic has indeed been totally redesigned, Honda has decided to preserve the previous generation's powertrain choices. Unsurprisingly, the conventional transmission from the prior generation Civic sedan has been withdrawn for 2022, leaving just a variable frequency automatic gearbox (CVT) as an alternative; a six-speed conventional is still accessible on the hatchback variant. Our turbocharger Premium sedan took 7.5 seconds to complete 60 mph on our test range, which is somewhat slower than the previous generation Civic. We tried a manual Sport Touring hatchback, which took 7.3 seconds to reach 60 mph. Thankfully, the nimble driving, intuitive steering, and well-balanced ride that we like in the previous generation model are all present and correct here. Both of the sporty Si and the high-performance Type-R will be available with a manual gearbox; we'll look at those versions individually. As per the EPA, the far more fuel-efficient Civic is the mid-level EX, which gets 33 mpg with in town.


Honda claims that the Civic's more robust body frame will improve collision efficiency. Some of the enhancements to help distribute impact energy all around car include a revised upper A-pillar design and tougher roof components. The 2021 Civic was already a secure vehicle, with a five-star NHTSA safety record as well as an IIHS Top Safety Pick distinction. These authorities are also expected to give the 2022 model good scores for safety. The purpose of the new front airbags is to better limit head movement in slanted frontal accidents, decreasing catastrophic brain and spinal injuries. A redesigned front bumper beam safety shield should also help pedestrians avoid leg injuries. Improves to Honda Sensing could also be expected.

 The Civic can better recognize road signs, people, and bicycles thanks to the new single-camera system with a broader field of vision and a much more efficient Processor speed. In addition to the low brake management, which tries to avoid crashes with barriers and other objects, Honda has introduced Traffic Jam Assistance to its safety package.

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