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Toyota has unveiled the 12th Version of its best-selling vehicle, the Toyota Corolla, at two private events in California, the United States, and Guangzhou, China. The next Toyota Corolla has a bold appearance that sets it apart from the competition. The new Toyota Corolla is built on the Toyota New Global Architecture Platform, which also houses previous Toyota products such as the Prius and C-HR. The next-generation Toyota Corolla is taller and broader than the previous model, and its elegant design features make it more efficient. The price of the next Toyota Corolla in Pakistan will be maintained competitive in order to compete with new entries into the Local market. If you've ever wished for a hybrid Corolla, your wish may be granted. In Pakistan, the Toyota Corolla hybrid might debut in the summer of 2022.


With the bold appearance of the all-new Toyota Corolla 2022, Toyota has set the bar high. Trapezium-styled side sweeping headlamps with Bi-beam daytime running lights adorn its front end. The Toyota logo is in the center of the elegant grill that runs between both the headlamps. The bottom margins of the profile shot are recurved, giving the exterior a sporty appearance. At the A pillar, where the sideview mirrors are jammed, Toyota has unveiled a novel glass screen. Because of the bigger external dimensions, additional trapezoidal glass panes have been added to the back doors to just provide backseat passengers better view. The rear end features stylistically designed rear lights that are connected by a black trim component. The all-new Toyota Corolla's overall look is extremely striking and appealing.


The new Corolla 2022's interior has black and white colored plastic trim elements. Power mirrors, electric windows, a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, digital temperature control, a multi-information display, traction control, a tire condition remote monitoring, navigation system, electronic traction control, and keyless entry are all included as standard equipment. In the 12th Generation Toyota Corolla, Toyota has enhanced interior smoothness and increased interior volume. Fabric seats are standard on the redesigned seat design, however leather interior will be offered on elevated amounts.


The all-new Corolla 2022 comes with enhanced 1.8-liter engines for both hybrid and petrol variants. The automobile responds to accelerator inputs consistently and accelerates in a smooth, pleasant way. Due to its E-Four electric 4WD innovations, the hybrid vehicles achieve a class-leading fuel efficiency of 26.2 km/L, which not only help with fuel efficiency but also assure consistent behavior while accelerating and driving on snow or other slick conditions. The Corolla Cross blends a properly developed GA-C framework with a lightweight, high-rigidity body frame to deliver quick, steady handling that belies the vehicle's considerable height. Sound-absorbing materials have been spread optimum to decrease engine noise and road clatter, as well as to increase the cabin's warmth and serenity.

2WD models include freshly designed torsion bars in the back and wide rubber bearings in the front, resulting in excellent road-holding and a pleasant ride. The rear suspension on E-Four grades has a double suspension design that has been refined over prior Corolla models, with improved arm attachment positions for superior stability and agility. The Corolla Cross has a 5.2-meter minimal turning circle, which is among the shortest in its class, making maneuvering on tight roads and in parking lots easier.


The newest generation automobile of Toyota Safety Perception comes with standard on all levels of the all-new Corolla 2022, delivering driving assistance in all elements of everyday usage situations. All grades save the G "X" come equipped with a Parking Support Brake and a Back-Guide Monitor, allowing drivers to feel safe even in tight places like parking lots. Plus, Support is also sufficient to control abrupt acceleration caused by incorrect accelerator pedal activation, regardless about whether or not there are impediments around. A backup power source (AC100V/1,500W) and an Emergency Backup Supply Option are provided on hybrid Corolla Cross variants. During blackouts and other extreme circumstances, parking the car and switching to Emergency Power Supply Mode allows the Corolla to power electrical equipment like electric kettles and hair dryers, giving users further piece of mind. In-cabin USB connections in both hybrid and gasoline versions may charge cellphones and other electronic gadgets during regular driving.

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