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Hyundai has managed to sell many as 1.6 million Santa Fe midsize SUVs since the model was first launched over 20 years ago. The Santa Fe offers spacious and efficient adaptability with two gas and two hybrid engine selections, as well as front- or all-wheel driving. The 2022 Hyundai Santa Fe delivers a pleasant, capacious interior and a luxury exterior for individuals who don't seek a third row of seats but also like the concept of a mid-size crossover. There are four distinct powertrains available, featuring hybrid and plug-in hybrid models. The Santa Fe is a pleasant car to drive, albeit none of the variants are particularly sporty. Hyundai has included a number of driver-assistance functions as standard equipment, and the Santa Fe's infotainment system is comparable to those of other SUVs in its class. The Santa Fe's two rows should provide adequate room for four persons, as well as cargo capacity large enough to store heavy things or a load of baggage. After a major refurbishment in 2021, the Santa Fe returns in 2022 almost unchanged. The Calligraphy grade no longer has 19-inch wheels, and a future XRT trim will cover the gap between SEL and Limited. A plug-in hybrid variant is also available. Hyundai completely redesigned the Santa Fe's underpinnings so that a hybrid motor could be installed without compromising passenger or load room. The majority of the changes are hidden behind the Sheetmetal, which is mostly unchanged.


The Santa Fe features a typical SUV body but adds cut edges and inscribed contours to make it stand apart. Split headlamps affixed towards the front end in letter-T forms border the split grille and its textured surfaces, which are all accented by metallic bands that run over the lower front end. Due to the cut lines which surround the tire wells and the larger side carving, there's a lot of stuff going on here, and it doesn't stop. With its black trim and wheels, the new XRT variant reduces some of the cluttering, but it still is fussy.


Hyundai designs are known for their durable construction and practical features instead of for their cutting-edge design and high-end technology. Despite this, the Santa Fe boasts a stylish interior with modern features like as a digital gauge panel, head-up display, heated rear seats, ventilated front seats, and more. The 188.4-inch-long Santa Fe, which rides on a 108.9-inch wheelbase, provides the type of room that tempts consumers away from sedans and toward SUVs. In the front, higher-spec versions feature all the right cushions in all the right locations, with power modification available on the SEL trim level and up. The base seats are cloth-covered, while more expensive models include heating and cooling, as well as motorized adjustability for the front passenger. There's also plenty of small-item storage between and around the front passengers, including a covered bin forward of the shifter and a key-sized area next to deep cupholders. Every Santa Fe comes standard with a dashboard-topping 8.0- or 10.3-inch touchscreen with user-friendly controls and appealing functions, ensuring a pleasurable entertainment experience.


The turbo-4 and hybrid Santa Fe crossovers are among the finest in their class in terms of performance and economy, and ride quality. The vehicle now comes with a quartet of engine options, including a hybrid and a plug-in hybrid. The base engine is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder with 191 horsepower, but purchasers may upgrade to a turbocharged 2.5-liter with 277 horsepower. Each come with an inconspicuous eight-speed automatic gearbox and front-wheel drive as standard or all-wheel drive as an alternative. The hybrid model comes with a six-speed automated transmission and a 1.6-liter supercharged four-cylinder powertrain, All-wheel driving is standard, as are two electric engines that produce 226 hp. Given the excellent 34-mpg combined performance on Blue versions, the Santa Fe Hybrid's speed trade-off appears to be worthwhile. It's fast off the line, with light but effective handling, and the added weight hasn't ruffled the ride. We're eager to try the plug-in hybrid's 31 miles of electric mobility, thanks to its remarkable balance of efficiency. The Santa Fe features unimpressive but predictable handling thanks to its front strut and rear multi-link suspension, as well as electronic power steering. Its composure is noticeable, even on 19-inch wheels in certain variants; it tackles deep ruts and pavement seams with ease, but with considerable suspension noise. It excels at absorbing lengthy, low waves on the highway and maintains its calm while responding to quick steering adjustments.


The Hyundai Intelligent Perception scheme includes a number of high level of security and driver assistance functionalities, including forward collision prevention guidance, which can presently identify bicycle riders and road users, blind-spot emergency braking and rear cross-traffic obstacle detection, lane assist and lane following support, driver attention disclaimer, and notifications to ensure the people escape safe manner. To better observe items in the oblivious area, the Santa Fe incorporates adaptive cruise management and data acquisition system camera angles (when a turn signal is active). With the exception of a four-star rolling strength grade, the Santa Fe performs practically flawlessly in NHTSA evaluations. Automated emergency stopping, blind-spot sensors, active lane management, intelligent high beams, and adaptive cruise control are all available on all Santa Fe SUVs. Blind-spot driving aid, parking detectors, a surround-view surveillance system, and blind-spot sensors with visual data displayed in the instrument cluster are all possible alternatives.

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