Sep 02, 2023      

Nowadays, many countries are trying to amend their lifestyle to protect the environment. In doing so, electrical vehicles are introduced by many vehicle companies. But charging of these electrical vehicles is the main issue. And Insufficient charging has been annoying the drivers of electrical vehicle for very long. Most of the people in Europe are unlikely to adopt electrical vehicles because they do not get any charging infrastructure. There are not any charging points on the road for an electrical vehicle in most of the countries, so the people who use electrical vehicle may suffer lots of problems regarding charging. While in many developed countries, mostly in their big cities there are electrical charging grid stations on road from which people can easily charge their vehicles. Now Pakistan has taken the step to be one of those developed countries by installing the electrical grid station in Lahore for electrical vehicles.

First electrical vehicle charger in Pakistan:

Pakistan prime minister 'Imran khan' is taking part in saving the environment from hazardous things. Billion of trees were planted for this purpose. Now the government is looking forward to using environment-friendly transportation as well. Ministry of climate change is doing its best to bring change in the environment, and the federal cabinet has approved the use of electric vehicle policy.

In doing so, people are educated to use electrical vehicles. And to ensure this project of environment saving an electrical vehicle charging grid has been installed in the city of Lahore to make awareness in people about using electrical vehicle and those who were interested in using these types of transportation are now facilitated in Lahore. Motorways will have these grid stations, so people who are travelling will have the opportunity to travel without any tension of range. Further-more over 3000 gas stations are now targeted to be converted in electric vehicle charging stations and up to 100000 cars and 500000 bikes and rickshaws will get upgraded into electrical vehicle in the next five years.

Now, speaking of first electric vehicle charger in Lahore, Dewaan motors are the first to build this station and gave a competition in the motor industry. In emporium mall, this EVs charger is inaugurated on Tuesday. Dewaan Motors invested in this project of BMW group to make the possibility of electrical mobiles in Pakistan and easy and accessible for their customers of plug-in hybrid and electrical vehicles. This is the first EVs station, and three stations were decided to build later two will be destined to be set in Karachi and Islamabad. This is going to do tremendous fuel saving.

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Knowing about electrical chargers, it has three parameters associated with electrical vehicle charging points.

1.  Rated power in KW and any current type AC/DC.

2.  Connector type

3.  Mod



Rated power:

It is determined by current and voltage measured in amperes. Current can be AC/DC.

Connector type:

Charging points are connected to electrical vehicles via cables which are fitted with connectors of which one connected into car inlet socket and second fits into charger outlet socket.


Electrical vehicle is connected through a three-point socket to the power grid. In this type, current regulation is very necessary to avoid the fire incident.






In this article, we have discussed the revolutionary news that brought the first step towards the future by manufacturing Pakistan first electric vehicle charger in Lahore. This charging unit is installed in emporium mall and charged the plug-in hybrid and other electric vehicles in Lahore. This is brought out by dewan motors who participated in BMW group project. Pakistan government is looking forward to making common use of electrical vehicles and charging grid stations on the motorways as well.