Smart Card Key for Honda Civic 2022
  Sep 01, 2023     talha seo  

The Honda Civic 2022 is expected to arrive in Pakistan over the next several weeks, according to various sources. Some sources indicate it will be released on February 24th, while others believe it will be released in the first two weeks of March 2022. So, fingers crossed, the wait begins.


Meanwhile, Honda Atlas has revealed another feature in its future car, continuing its teaser series. It's Smart Card Key this time. Many of you have now inquired about this option and how it operates. So, here's a quick rundown of what this card is, how it works, and what its pros and weaknesses are.


It's also known as Digital Key, and it's only accessible in Thailand and Indonesia for now. This Smart Key looks a lot like your Key Fob or Keyless Entry. It implies that if you have this card in your pocket, you may simply open the door and start the automobile by pushing the Push/Start button. In other words, you don't need to utilize any keys to perform these tasks. 


It performs the same duties as a Key Fob, but it is in the form of a card and is the same size as your CNIC card. It also has a thickness of roughly 3-4 millimeters, which is about the same as the thickness of two credit cards.


The major advantage of this card is that, unlike a Key Fob, it may be kept in your wallet. It's worth noting that this isn't a brand-new feature; it's been available in a variety of Japanese automobiles for some time, and it's great that Honda Atlas is bringing it to Pakistan. 


Finally, this card, like Key Fob, features a slot for a traditional key. All you have to do is lift the top section of the card and the key will appear.


The card's disadvantage is that it has limited utility. You can lock/unlock your car from a certain distance, start it in some situations, and operate the windows with your Key Fob, but you can't do that with a smart card, and you have to be near the car to use it. 


This card is just used to get inside the automobile and start it. There is considerable redundancy because you must also keep a car key in addition towards this card. 


So, that's everything there is to know about smart cards, and we hope you found it useful.

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