Toyota Pakistan May Discontinue 11th Generation Corolla by 2024
  Sep 01, 2023     talha seo  

Yet even with the Yaris' phenomenal success in Pakistan, the 11th generation Toyota Corolla is among the most popular sedans in terms of manufacturing and sales volume. Its resale value is remarkable, thanks to its rock-solid durability, respectable performance, and reasonable comfort. People are now anxiously expecting the arrival of the 12th generation Corolla, however this is doubtful as our source stated that the 11th generation Corolla will likely be produced until 2024.

According to a source in the industry, Toyota IMC has been asked by the company's headquarters in Japan to replace the Corolla car and focus on the Corolla Cross Hybrid SUV.

The company's management feels that the Yaris has done well in the market and that adding a second car to the range is unneeded. Toyota IMC, on the other hand, believes that retiring the Corolla car would be a mistake because it has been a best-seller in Pakistan since the company's founding.

The insider went on to say that the argument between the two sides is still going on, and that the 12th-generation Corolla has yet to reach Pakistan's developmental level. He claims that even if the 12th generation Corolla goes into development tomorrow in Pakistan, it would take at least two years for the car to reach the market.

According to the source, the Corolla will most likely be phased out of manufacture in Pakistan after 2024, despite the fact that this has not been confirmed.

The 1.3-liter models, particularly XLI and GLI, were terminated with the debut of the Toyota Yaris in 2020, yet the vehicle's sales numbers have remained solid.

Because the Corolla has gained a household brand in Pakistan as a result of its great market demand, Toyota IMC would be wise to maintain its sedan variant accessible in the country.

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