Sindh Government has launched car number plates which can be captured
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  



A registration plate or license plate is attached to every vehicle for official identification purposes. For better security purposes many techniques have been used lately to check on the license plate number to retrieve data about that particular vehicle owner. Some countries developed ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) having an optical recognition system.

But now another system has been introduced in which readable car registration numbers are being used so that they are captured by camera easily and data can be acquired. It includes laser serial number identification, microchips/radio frequency identification (RFID), integrated laser mark. This new intervention will make it easy to track down the vehicle. Cameras detect that specific serial number through the laser identification mark in the meantime.

Sindh government made a revolutionary decision to ensure a better security system:


By Director General excise, taxation, and narcotics department Sindh, Shoaib Siddique new number plates are launched with multiple latest security features that make the registration plate read by the camera. These registration plates have a specific laser serial number and tracking chips. This procedure is done on coordination with national radio and telecommunication (NRCT).

Security number plates contain five security features:

1.    RFID (radio frequency identification)

2.    Laser serial number for identification

3.    Sindh government monogram

4.    Embedded graphics

5.    Integrated laser mark


Unique design:

Further-more Sindh government monogram graphics are also embedded in the registration plate. Retro-reflective work is done in license plates to make them visible at night. The base of the plate for private cars is white while for government cars is kept green. Sindh's cultural design of Ajrak is also spaced on the plate to make it noticeable.


Implementation of the plan will be done in 3 phases by Shoaib Siddique. The director-general announced that in the first phase new plates will be issued from November 2020 to only registered cars. The second phase will be followed by issuing the number of plates to vehicles that fall under the transfer category. In the third phase, customers will get able to purchase them.

Relieve for customers paying for token:

This is a new yet most awaited feature because Punjab and Islamabad moved to computerized number plates long ago. Token for number plates was purchased by customers per year that have now changed and they have to buy token for once and it's for a lifetime.

The price of these plates was advised by the chief minister of Sindh Murad Ali shah to kept low so customers can buy them easily but now seems to be charged at a rate of 1400 per.

Motor vehicle registration (MVR)

Motor vehicle registration director Dabeer Ahmed khan has not mentioned any time frame for new number plates however he said that vehicle owners over three million having a registered number plates can get a new one only after submitting their previous number plate. He mentioned that inbuilt number plates are already being used in Punjab and now its usage in Sindh should be emphasized. New number plates with inbuilt security functions will be started after the home department directive on arm's licenses. These arm's licenses are now will be computerized by National Data Base Registration Authority (NADRA). The change of vehicle number plate will also help to upgrade the database of vehicles registered with MVR.


In this article, we have discussed the revolutionary technology introduced by Sindh government in Sindh in which specific registered number plates having specifications of laser serial number, RFID, chips, embedded design, etc. will be used for vehicles so they can be easily captured by the camera and restoring better security purposes. NADRA and NCRT also coordinated with this technology.

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