Traffic Violators in Peshawar are fined by the Peshawar Traffic and Military Police
  Sep 01, 2023     talha seo  

Peshawar's City Traffic Police teamed up with the Military Police to crack down on traffic offenders and prosecute 899 motorists.

On Khyber Road, the operation was performed under the direction of Peshawar's Chief Traffic Officer (CTO), Abbas Majeed Khan Marwat. During the raid, motorists who were detected speeding were also penalized.

In the operations in the Cantonment Board Peshawar region, the Military Police collaborated with the City Traffic Police.

CTO Marwat stated that the City Traffic Police are putting all of their efforts into maintaining a continuous flow of traffic in Peshawar by enforcing traffic laws, and that offenders will face severe legal consequences.

According to the CTO, the operations will continue to ensure that traffic regulations are obeyed across Peshawar, and residents should respect traffic rules, wear helmets and seat belts, and avoid speeding.

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