2022 Audi TT Roadster
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2022 Audi TT Roadster

In the history of tiny coupes, the Audi TT has been a benchmark for its unmistakable appearance. The Audi TT Roadster is built on the same base as the standard TT. It is based on the MQB platform, which it shares with a number of other vehicles, notably the Audi A3. The 2022 Audi TT Roadster is primarily carried over from the previous model year, despite being in the final portion of the current generation and having significant modifications for 2021. With an MSRP of $53,900, it does not stand out in terms of practicality, but it strives to keep the cost element acceptable. Nonetheless, the Roadster's turbocharged 2-liter engine, which produces 228 horsepower, is completely designed for Audi Sport performance.

The Audi TT Roadster is a component of the Audi TT series, with a starting price of $53,900. It stands out from the rest of the range because of its acoustic power-retractable roof. It is powered by a 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine mated to a Stronic 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, with paddle shifters positioned on the flat bottom of the steering wheel for added convenience. The system's integration with Audi's Quattro all-wheel drive improves its stability and serenity.

Passers-by are drawn to the Singleframe distinctive grille and skillfully constructed exteriors. Other eye-catching external elements are the 18-inch 5-double-spoke dynamic design wheels, motorized rear spoiler, and LED headlights and taillights. The heated front seats have diamond stitching and are upholstered in premium Nappa leather. The interiors are made comfortable for the passengers thanks to a dual-zone automated temperature control system and side-heat insulating class.

A dramatic audio experience is provided by the 12-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system. The 12.3-inch completely digital Audi Virtual Cockpit, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto compatibility, as well as Navigation Plus, all work together to provide the driver with a flawless infotainment experience. Although the Audi TT Roadster lacks many driver assistance systems, it does include a parking assist function, a rearview camera, cruise control, and many airbags to provide a safe and secure ride.


Since the introduction of the first-generation Audi TT in 1998 and the roadster in 1999, they have symbolized a distinct look as well as a controversial German quality. With the 2021 facelift, Audi did, however, change its image to be less front-heavy. The Trapezoidal Single frame unique grille, complete LED headlights and DRLs, precisely manufactured body linings, and 18-inch 5-double-spoke dynamic design wheels give it a stunning appearance. The major spiced-up feature, the drop-top power-folding acoustic roof, offers a lot of quirky flairs.

When the roofing drops, the integrated wind deflectors, which are electrically adjustable, direct the wind in a way that is not inconvenient for the driver. When you press the accelerator hard enough, the electric spoiler at the back pops out. The optional S Line competition package adds various black external components and highlights, as well as 19-inch Sport wheels and red calipers, to the car's appearance.

The Audi TT Roadster has a number of unique external elements, including:

  • Acoustic roof that can be retracted with the push of a button.
  • Singleframe Trapezoidal signature grille
  • DRLs and full LED headlights
  • Wind deflectors that can be adjusted electrically
  • Rear spoiler with an electric motor


Interiors that are functional, basic, and unexpectedly neat may be admired, and you can see how love and imagination work together in the automobile. It appears to be a product of Audi's Avant, and it serves as a reminder of how much Audi designers value their customers. The usage of top grade materials in the Audi TT Roadster interiors could only be seen with the naked eye. Leather covers the center console and door armrests. The aluminum door sills and aluminum drift inlays add a subtle sheen to the design while also adding texture. Fine Nappa leather seats with diamond pattern stitching is also available on the TT Roadster. These seats can comfortably accommodate two passengers and have a cargo capacity of 7.5 cubic feet.

The driving posture and comfort are the most impressive features. The Audi TT Roadster wonderfully exemplifies Audi's design philosophy: the designers make it apparent that speed, agility, and efficiency are paramount, but comfort should not be sacrificed in the process. Along with the sitting position, the 3-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel with paddle shifters would be a dream come true for automobile fans. Front-seat heating and dual-zone automatic temperature control ensure that the interior atmosphere is as comfortable as possible for the passengers. Other basic amenities that may come in useful include LED ambient inside lighting and keyless entry.

The following are some of the features of the interior:

  • Fine Nappa leather seating with diamond pattern stitching
  • Paddle shifters on a 3-spoke flat-bottom steering wheel
  • Automatic temperature control in two zones
  • LED ambient interior lighting heated seats
  • Keyless entry


The 2022 Audi TT Roadster features a potent 2-liter turbocharged engine with 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. A 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission is associated with this engine. You also receive better traction thanks to the standard Quattro all-wheel-drive system, which is widely regarded as the best all-wheel-drive system in the market. The 0-60mph pace has been measured at 5.5 seconds, and the red line has been set at 155 mph thanks to the improved powerplant.

The 2022 Audi TT Roadster is a thrilling car to drive, with excellent driving and a real sports car feel. The front-wheel-drive MacPherson strut suspension with aluminum subframe and dynamic axle kinematics, as well as the rear-wheel-drive Four-link suspension, providing feather-light handling, but the quality component can be a little hard, however it doesn't imply it's unpleasant. It rides like a mid-engined small sports car, with a blend of skill and familiarity.

The TT Roadster already features quick throttle and acceleration, but the performance-oriented S line sport kit may be added to further spice things up. The Roadster's dynamic driving qualities are improved as a result of this improvement. This variant, however, remains a sports vehicle that emphasizes driving enjoyment and may be quite rough on standard undulating roads.

Although the Audi TT Roadster has less drama, it is nonetheless brilliantly constructed, resulting in eye-catching and super-civilized acceleration without jeopardizing the economical roadster's actual power-plant image. The city mileage of the 2022 Audi TT Roadster is around 23 mpg, and the highway mileage of 31 mpg is also extremely remarkable. All of this adds up to an average mileage of 26 miles per gallon. It also has a large gasoline tank that can hold up to 14.2 gallons of petrol. As a result, the Audi TT Roadster appears to be a fuel-efficient vehicle in its class.


When it comes to safety, the Audi TT Roadster is one of the few automobiles that has never been evaluated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Crashworthiness, on the other hand, should not be neglected if you want to stay safe on the road. Audi has built the TT Roadster as a sturdy framework meant to safeguard occupants, using both active and passive safety systems. It has sophisticated driver and front passenger airbags, as well as side airbags, all of which function together in extreme situations to make it safer and stronger than a regular automobile.

It also boasts a cruise control system and a top speed limitation that prevents drivers from exceeding 155 mph. Although the Audi Parking Aid and Side Assist are the most important driving assist technologies available standard in the Audi TT Roadster, the rearview camera is also beneficial at times. Unfortunately, it lacks several of the latest driver aid features offered by competitors. The following are some of the 2022 Audi TT Roadster's noteworthy safety features:


  • Airbags for the driver and front passenger are advanced.
  • Cruise control with a peak speed limitation of 155 mph
  • Parking Assist by Audi
  • Audi Assist on the side
  • camera in the rearview mirror