Cristiano Ronaldo gets himself a new limited-edition Bugatti Centodiec
  Sep 21, 2023     Muhammad Bilal .  


On 110th birthday of Bugatti, a new supercar is going to be launched. It is a historical inspiration and reinterpretation of Epochal EB110 which was came in 1991 and known for its fastest speed and best supercar of its time. Bugatti Centodieci breaks all the boundaries of extraordinary design and incredible speed. Some of its features includes.

  • Classic iconic 8liter quad turbo w16 engine.
  • Power: 1578 hp which enable this car to go from zero to 100km/hr in just 2.4 seconds.
  • Torque: 1180 lb-ft.
  • Transmission: seven speed-DCT.
  • Top speed: 236 mph.
  • Grill is flanked with two air vents which are separated by a horizontal plane in the center. This feature is inspired by historical EB110.
  • Stacked quad exhaust foe rear diffuser increases downward force on the road and thus adds up more stability and speed. 
  • Although most of the features are also similar to Chevron and Veyron but some additional and few key changes makes this car unique from others and urges to buy it.  
  • Slightly curled splitter under the bumper is made to give a modern touch to the car.
  • Price: 8.9 million Euros.
  • Only 10 units will be built and presented in market for customers one of them is for Ronaldo.

In august last year, Centodieci was unveiled as homage to classic EB110. This car has a luxurious design with ultimate advanced features. Its design is departure from the Chiron and more alike EB110 but a modern incarnation. Although some main features of Epochal EB110 are presented in Centodieci.

Ronaldo booked Bugatti Centodieci:



Ronaldo has keen interest in supercars. Its not his first car to buy. He already owns a Chiron, Veyron and La Voiture Noire, Ferrari F430, Rolls Royce and known for buying world’s most expensive cars. Now for celebrating 9th successive Juventus Serie in which he is known for high scoring and got a title, Cristiano Ronaldo booked a Bugatti Centodieci. In up-coming year Ronaldo will get his booked car. Bugatti presented such incredible car that could impress Ronaldo and he announced to buy it. This news was shared by Ronaldo on his Instagram. He asked the public to choose the view of him posing in front of car. 

As he owns most costly cars, to celebrate his A title, he chosen a high-priced car and why not, when he is getting 100 million dollars from Juventus for a four-year contract. The world’s famous soccer player treats himself with a new limited edition of Bugatti Centodieci to fill his garage with another supercar to increase its grace. These cars get more value and fame when Ronaldo, the famous player buys them. And only legend like him can afford these cars and grace them.



Bugatti Company got teamed up with Nike to present a special ankle boot for Ronaldo. Not only this, Nike the sports brand got linked with the automobile company to launch Nike Mercurial superfly CR7 Dieci. Both type of brands linked because of Ronaldo.



Muhammad Bilal .