Toyota GR Corolla Debuts- The Most Powerful Corolla Ever
  Sep 02, 2023      

Toyota GR Corolla Debuts- The Most Powerful Corolla Ever

Everyone gets excited to learn something new about automobiles like the Corolla and Civic, and now it's about the most powerful Corolla ever, the Corolla GR. Toyota's bread and butter is the Corolla, which sells in over 150 countries and accounts for 20% of the company's overall sales. Toyota claims that there are 16 Corolla manufacturing sites across the world, with over 50 million cars sold since the first generation.

Corolla, like Civic, is recognized across the world for being a fuel-efficient, dependable, and affordable entry-level sedan. Furthermore, sedans are less expensive to maintain and offer excellent value for money. The current 12th generation Toyota Corolla debuted in 2018 and is offered in five-door hatchback, conventional sedan, and wagon/estate vehicle configurations, depending on market.

As a reminder, the current 12th generation is built on Toyota's new global platform, TNGA (Toyota New Global Architecture), specifically GA-C for small automobiles. While Civic has given performance variants for enthusiasts across several generations, such as Type R's or Civic Si's, Corolla has yet to tap that tap in terms of road legal models, despite the fact that the Corolla name is well-known in World Rally Racing/ WRC.

The new Toyota GR Corolla has been introduced after a long wait punctuated by never-ending teases. This is the most powerful Corolla ever produced, and it will compete with high-performance hatchbacks such as the Honda Civic Type R and Volkswagen Golf GTI.


If you're a Toyota aficionado, you've undoubtedly heard of TRD (Toyota Racing Development). TRD is a development of Toyota's racing branch, which began in the 1960s as Toyota Sports Corner (TOSCO). Off-roading pickup trucks and SUVs can be equipped with the TRD package.

Meanwhile, the TRD badge emerged on several sedans such as the Toyota Corolla, Toyota Camry, and Toyota Avalon, and consisted mostly of cosmetic changes to make them look sportier and small suspension enhancements. Toyota has lately launched a new branch called Toyota GR, which stands for Toyota Gazoo Racing. GR is in charge of high-performance vehicles that are built from the ground up based on normal models. We may compare GR to M for BMW and AMG for Mercedes.

The current generation Supra, Yaris hatchback, and new Land Cruiser are all available with GR badging, and now another car, the Corolla, will join the GR club. Toyota has been hyping the GR Corolla for a few months, and it is finally available in the United States today. The hardcore GR Corolla is based on the Corolla hatchback, and we can safely claim that it is a very hot hatch, if not the most powerful Corolla ever.


The 1.6L G16E-GTS turbocharged direct-injected 3-cylinder engine in the GR Corolla is paired with GR-Four all-wheel drive. The engine is even more powerful than the GR Yaris, producing 304 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque, giving it a 27-horsepower advantage over the JDM GR Yaris hot hatch. Keep in mind that the GR Yaris offered in Japan has a more powerful engine than the GR Yaris sold elsewhere.

Power is sent to the wheels using a 6-speed manual gearbox. It also boasts rev-matching, and the all-wheel-drive system provides front-to-rear torque split settings of 60-40, 50-50, and 30-70. The GR Corolla engine may be heard here. The GR Corolla also benefits from a more efficient exhaust system that reduces back pressure and culminates in a unique triple-tailpipe configuration. The rear bumper has normal round tips on the corners and a huge single exit in the center. A system of active valves is also installed.

The Core model, which will be available by the end of this year, and the Circuit Edition, which will be available in 2023, are the two options. Unlike the GR Yaris, which is a three-door hatchback, the GR Corolla is a five-door hatchback that employs the fundamental framework of the 12th generation Corolla hatchback. However, more welding spots and structural adhesive have been added to the body, and bracing has been added to the rear wheel wells, underfloor tunnel, and portion of the floor front of the fuel tank. To decrease drag, the front door panels and bonnet are composed of lightweight aluminum, and the underfloor is flat. The fenders and canards have been enlarged to transmit air down the sides.

Inside, the GR Corolla has GR Yaris-style sports seats with adjustable headrests, alloy pedals, and a one-of-a-kind starting animation on the multi-info display. The Circuit Edition has Brin Naube suede seats, as well as the Yaris' smaller three-spoke steering wheel, red inside accents, and a gearknob with the signature of Morizo, Toyota president Akio Toyoda's racing moniker.

Standard equipment includes a new Toyota audio entertainment system with an 8-inch touchscreen, a revamped interface, a "Hey Toyota" voice control system, cloud-based navigation, and wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto connection. The Circuit Edition comes with an 8-speaker JBL sound system as standard.

Autonomous emergency braking (now with motorcycle and guardrail detection), adaptive cruise control, lane centering aid, lane keeping assist, traffic sign recognition, blind spot monitoring, rear cross traffic warning, automatic high beam, and a rear seat reminder are all standard on all versions.

The 2023 Toyota GR Corolla Core comes in only three colors: white, black, and Supersonic Red, while the Circuit Edition is available in white, Supersonic Red, and Heavy Metal. A forged carbon-fiber roof and a Torsen limited-slip differential are among the performance upgrades. The pricing of the GR Corolla versions has yet to be announced by Toyota.