KIA Sportage vs Toyota Corolla Cross
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  

As Toyota is known for its amazing cars and evolution in the features, another car is unveiled in Toyota series that is Toyota corolla cross SUV compact in Thailand. This car brought new functionality and strength in the car series of corolla. This car because of many advancements in features, performance, and comfortability got in the competition with KIA Sportage which is also known as an incredible car. Corolla cross has high quality performance, comfortable ride and exceptional other features that makes it urging to be purchased. In Pakistan Toyota corolla cross is likely to be presented in end of this year as company is looking forward to assemble the vehicle locally.


Features of Toyota corolla cross SUV:


  • A new torsion beam that allow comfortable ride.
  • Cabin for luggage space.
  • Suspension geometry and large bushings to allow all passengers enjoy smooth ride  
  • Turning radius of 5.2 meters.
  • Engine displacement: 1798cc.
  • 1.8L engine setup.
  • Brakes: ventilated disk.
  • Occupancy: 5 people.
  • Safety sensors will be installed.
  • Fuel efficiency: 6.5L/100km.
  • Price: PKR 52-63 lacs. 
  • Both gasoline and hybrid model are at their high-class performance.


KIA Sportage:



Kia Sportage is doing wonderfully in market with its excellent features and standard technology. Its looks attractive and easy technology to handle, other cars similar to KIA Sportage are more costly, that’s why customers go for KIA first. 

Some of the features of KIA Sportage are:

  • Power: 181 hp.
  • 2.4L 4-cylinder engines.
  • Turning radius: 5.4 meters.
  • Safety technology.
  • Engine displacement: 1999 cc.
  • Rear torsion beam for a comfortable ride.
  • Seating capacity: 5 persons.
  • Mileage: 14-16KM/L.
  • Brakes: ventilated disk.
  • 6 speed transmission.
  • Price: PKR 48.99 to 53.99 lacs.

KIA vs Corolla cross:

As we have seen that there not much difference between these two cars. However, the engine and mileage of KIA Sportage is slightly high than Toyota cross. KIA Sportage is longer than corolla cross but both are same In width and wheel base. TNGA lightweight technology is present in corolla cross which makes it step toward more advancement.



Fuel consumption in KIA Sportage is not economical, but corolla provides high performance with improved fuel consumption. In speaking of design corolla got new urban design with mesh grill in front, rear head lamps and back claddings. Most of the customers will get confused which car is to be preferred as both of these cars are equipped with advanced features like power steering, brakes controls, safety controls, vents, CD player, luggage space, efficient engine. Touch screen unit in corolla cross is 9 inches, base variant of KIA is 7 inches. Toyota cross has 4.2 low spec variant, while in KIA Sportage it has 3.5 in TFT screen for driver information.

But KIA Sportage is hard to beat because it is not only the corolla cross in competition. Many other cars came to compete KIA Sportage but its reasonable price overwhelmed the customers to buy it. Same case happened with corolla cross like others, KIA Sportage costs less than cross which is an edge to KIA Sportage that consumers will prefer it over corolla cross.




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