The Dubai Police Department explains why vehicles frequently catch fire.
  Sep 02, 2023      

The Dubai Police Department explains why vehicles frequently catch fire.

If you're not careful, cars can catch fire spontaneously. The cause of these fires might be a single common error made by most drivers. Dubai police investigated 94 automobile fires and discovered what caused them.

With some of the most exotic cars on the planet, Dubai Police keeps an eye on the UAE. Its fleet includes expensive SUVs, hypercars, and other vehicles. However, the law enforcement agency not only displays these vehicles; it also maintains them, making their viewpoint on vehicle upkeep believable.

Dubai police discovered that the majority of the automobiles involved in the 94 car fires that occurred during the year were unsafe for use on the road. They were either modified illegally, serviced by uncertified garages, or had not been maintained in a long time. An article from Gulf News backs up this claim, citing faulty service as a contributing factor in automobile fires.


A representative from the UAE's General Department of Forensic Sciences and Criminology also spoke about the 94 fires. According to him, fires were caused by two key factors: traffic accidents and improper car maintenance.

Until April 10, blazes were recorded in automobiles, buses, and trucks. A substandard inspection or service performed by non-certified garages are the primary causes.


Safety Advice:

It's a good idea to avoid parking automobiles near anything that may catch fire, which is especially important in hot areas like the Gulf and South Asia. When parked in direct sunlight, no potentially flammable liquids should be kept in the car. While exiting the vehicle, all electrical gadgets should be unattached as well.

A small fire extinguisher, preferably in easy reach, is a valuable item to have in your automobile.