Price of Suzuki Motors Increased
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  

Suzuki is the famous company for its automobiles. It is a Pakistani company and is a subsidiary of Japanese automaker Suzuki. New models are announced almost every year to satisfy customers and build their trust. A news about increasing in prices of Suzuki vehicles is revealed that might upset many of its customers who were regular buyer of Suzuki motors. It is latest auto maker assembler to raise prices after Indus motors and Honda cars. Indus motors increased the prices of its vehicles between RS.230,000 to 830,000. The reason of increasing the price has not come on the news yet but many dealers are suggesting their own reasons to justify this act.

Listed Suzuki Vehicles with Increased Prices:


Pak Suzuki motors has increased the prices of multiple models.




Current Retail Prices. Tax Exclusive

Price Raised

New Price Exclusive of Tax


















  • Newly introduced Jimny has prices increased by 100000 to 3.990 million. Similarly, prices of bikes are also increased.
  • Wagon R VXR is now at the rate of RS.1605000 with an increase of RS.65000.
  • Wagon R VXL has new rate of RS.1695000 with increase of RS.70000.
  • Swift DLX M/T has new price RS. 1995000 with addition of RS.90000.
  • Swift DLX A/T got new price of 2955000 with increase of RS.90000.
  • Alto VXR having raised price of 13998000 with increase of RS.90000.
  • Jimny priced at 3990000 with addition of RS. 90000.
  • 660cc alto has got multiple price hikes this year that is increased in August by RS.137000 and then in October by RS.70,000 to 80,000.
  • Pak Suzuki motors also raised the price of Cultus variants because of introducing some new features in it. The two variants are VXL and AGS. New features include five MP captive multi touch screen with eight inches display, auxiliary, Bluetooth, screen mirroring options and a SD card slot. The price of Cultus VXL is increased from 1.855 million to 1.865 million and that of AGS from 1.975 million to 1.985 million. There is remarkable difference of 10000 PKR in old and new prices in both the cars.

Company did not mention the reason of increasing prices. However, customers who already have booked the cars with full payments before announcement will get their cars at old prices. This will lead relief to them.

Those customers who have not done any payments for booking they will get the cars at new rates. And those with partial payments will be giving payments on the basis of new rates. Similarly those customers who didn’t do their balance payments with in the delivery time will be alleged to pay for the cars on basis of new rates. 

From August 8th, 2020 all orders will be dealt with new rates.


Reason of Hiking the Price:



Increased in prices of dollars affected the prices of imported parts of cars. Currency devaluation largely effect the prices of car in Pakistan as most of the pats of cars are imported. This also lead fall in sale of these high-priced cars. People are less interested in buying costly vehicles. They probably wait for the prices to get less. One of the reasons of raising rates of cars includes low rate of sales of cars. But this is not authentic point on which this decision should be made. And high rates will make the sales less more. That will definitely affect the production as well. Most of the people are not happy with increased rates of these cars.

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