Bookings for all Proton cars have been halted by Al-Haj.
  Sep 02, 2023      

Bookings for all Proton cars have been halted by Al-Haj.

Until early 2022, Al-Haj Automotive struggled to meet increased demand for their vehicles. It recently started local production of its automobiles to keep up with demand, but continued economic volatility and operating cost rises have prompted it to halt bookings for Proton vehicles.

The firm has not specified a restart date, but a dealership informed that it is anticipated to resume bookings by June 10. When queried about a prospective price increase, the dealership responded it hasn't been verified yet, but it is probable.

This comes after Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC) and Kia Lucky Motor Corporation (LMC) warned that bookings for their vehicles will be suspended owing to 'rupee volatility.' Due to the volatility of the economic environment, Toyota IMC and Kia LMC, like Al-Haj Proton, have not disclosed a resuming timeframe.

According to industry sources, all automakers are keeping a careful eye on the current scenario. They believe that if the PKR's value approaches Rs. 200, more automakers would halt bookings for their vehicles until the situation improves.