IG NHMP: Rash Drivers Will Not Leave Highway Unless They Pay Fines
  Sep 02, 2023      

IG NHMP: Rash Drivers Will Not Leave Highway Unless They Pay Fines

To avoid accidents on the highway, the National Highway and Motorway Police (NHMP) have reinforced security measures. Inspector General (IG) NHMP Khalid Mahmood recently posted a public service message on the matter via the NHMP's Twitter account.

He added, citing WHO studies, that high-speed automobile collisions are responsible for a large number of deaths and disasters. NHMP will now take the following steps to prevent future harm, according to Mahmood:


Spotters will be stationed at various spots along the highway by the NHMP. These spotters will employ high-resolution cameras to collect photographs and video of violators, and then issue them a warning through a variable sign message (VSM) system or notify patrolling cops about their violations for appropriate treatment.

Variable Sign Message:

VSM will be placed on the back windshields of police cars by the NHMP. The reckless drivers will be alerted by VSM, which will display their registration number, current speed (or any other crime), and information on how to correct the problem.

Some cars have already received their VSM displays, while others will receive them shortly, according to IG. VSM technology will be installed in all police cars by the department.

Chase and Cease:

On the highway, the NHMP will pursue and stop reckless drivers. Owners of vehicles that have been forced to stop will face steep fines. Lawbreakers will not be permitted to exit highways unless they pay their penalties, according to the IG.

He also stated that NHMP police will be stationed at all highway exits to ensure that lawbreakers do not get away with their crimes.

New Technology Integration:

The NHMP has implemented a point system for licensees. Under its point system, the agency maintains data on 8 million licenses.

It will allow the NHMP to keep track of fines from all provinces. The NHMP will terminate a driver's license if he or she exceeds a specified number of points. The agency has also implemented a new ticketing system to simplify operations, according to IG.

He concluded that the NHMP is enforcing these rules for the sake of public safety, and he hoped that people will follow the department's orders.