AL-Haj FAW to introduce Bestune T77 SUV in Pakistan.
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  

Al-haj FAW motors, Pakistani automobile manufacturer which is leading automotive supplier of Chinese brand FAW. It makes light vehicles, heavy vehicles, and family cars. SUV is getting famous in Pakistan rapidly that all automaker companies are looking forward to launch this model and take part in market share of SUV. Al-haj FAW has now launched BESTUNE t77 SUV to take on the likes of KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. This car has stunned the automobile market with its amazing features and technology. International market is also impressed by its impressive design. It was launched in china 2018 Guangzhou auto show then was introduced in global market. Al-haj has posted the arrival of Bestune T77 on Facebook and ask the people to wait for the car as it is coming soon. Although pictures of this car are revealed and its features too, to appeal the consumers.

Features of Bestune T77 SUV:

Design of this car is very attractive and reminiscent with a sporty profile. It has six different versions and allow the sport vehicle lovers to choose between them.

Wheel base:

Bestune measures 4525/1845/1615 mm has a wheel base of 2700mm. tires are low profile and 19 alloy wheels.


1.2liter turbocharged engine having maximum power of 143 horsepower which can make peak torque of 204 Nm. It contains 5-speed manual and 7-speed DCT gearbox. 

However, most of the detail about this car has not revealed yet, for example the exact price is still veiled and expected to be very high that is from 1200 pounds for basic version to 1800 pounds for top class version.


Some of the interesting features includes:

  • Advanced voice control system which have 43 different skill set to compliment holographic assistant. And it is projected on the top of front panel. Owners have choice to choose one of the three characters and dress them one of the offered costumes.
  • It contains voice command multimedia system to control climate, open and close the hatch and sunroof and perform other operations.
  • Electrically adjustable heated front seats, android and apple car play, USB internet access, navigation, multimedia complex.
  • There are six airbags in it with Bosch ABS. eco leather trims with wood accents, panoramic electric roof present.
  • It has also technology of detection of blind spot, traffic lane assistance, 360 parking assistance by reversing camera.
  • Downhill assist control, electric parking baking system, keyless access system is installed in this newly designed car.
  • Push button to start and stop are present to ease the use.
  • These systems comfort the ride and enhance travel experience with auxiliary equipment operations.

It is necessary to know that Bestune T77 will be sold under Redmi brand and can be customized according to consumer’s choice in many of its details. Intelligent sensors are installed in Bestune T77 with operating system of MIUI that can be connected with million of devices. As we all know that Xiaomi has the largest platform and devices are connected to this platform that is going to assist the intelligent sensors in this car. Xiaomi brand has alliance with car manufacturers which will make this vehicle most expensive product OD Xiaomi.



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