Pakistan's Cheapest EV
  Sep 04, 2023     talha seo  

As the Pakistani car market grows, several new companies are joining the market. An electric car was recently imported from the United States by a Karachi-based dealership. The car is a four-door hatchback called the Rinco Aria.

According to the photos, the automobile looks to be compact and well-built, with a variety of modern comforts. The vehicle is a totally electric vehicle that comes in a variety of colors. When compared to our local vehicles, the EV looks to be a real KEI Car. The interior quality, fit, and finish appear to be sufficient. Nayyer Motor Company introduced the Rinco Aria Electric Vehicle in Pakistan.

The pricing of Rinco Aria 2022 is 2.4 million Pakistani rupees. This deal is only valid for a limited time.

Despite Pakistan's current electric vehicle craze, the idea of a "budget-friendly" EV car remains vague. The Rinco Aria costs 2.4 million rupees in Pakistan and has a range of 220 kilometers on a single charge! The battery lasts for 7 to 8 years and charges in 6 to 7 units. The company promises to offer important after-sales services.

One thing is certain: unless we start producing automobiles and electric vehicles locally, they will not be affordable or budget-friendly.

The Rinco Aria is available for purchase (first 15 units) and may be reserved for a down payment of 1.2 million with a four-month delivery schedule.

Specifications for the Rinco Aria EV:


  • Warning for Low-Speed Collisions
  • Belt with three points (Front Seat)
  • Remote Control Key
  • Central Door Lock with a Remote
  • Triangle Message Board
  • Child Safety Lock on the Back Door
  • The warning light on the door has gone out.
  • Emergency Preparedness Kit (vehicle)
  • Belt with three points (Rear Seat)


Unlike other odd-looking budget cars, the New EV Rinco Aria has a very attractive and appealing appearance. With huge halogen headlights that follow a specific design, the car's front entrance is sinuous and uncomplicated. It features the same honeycombed design as the black radiator grille. Plastic moldings have been added to the front bumper, bonnet, and front fenders to give the automobile a sleek and attractive appearance. The entire front area has been carved with beautiful designs on sturdy plastic.

On the car's side, there are non-retractable body-colored side mirrors with LED turn signals. It has a 13-inch chrome alloy wheel with foreign tyres and simple door handles. There's also a side character line running from the front entrance to the back. On the back end, the car has large halogen brake lights, a rear camera, a parking sensor reflector, and a reverse light on the bumper, among other features.


You'll see the interior of the Rinco aria is painted in two colors: rust and grey as you approach it. The car's interior design is spectacular and cutting-edge. It has a touchscreen infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as other modern technologies. Meanwhile, it has been fused with a meter cluster display, which provides all critical information such as battery %, speed, and range, among other things. The front seats are leather 4-way manual adjustable chairs with lots of cushioning and legroom.

The gear control is located beneath the infotainment screen. Thanks to flexible folding seats and a slightly raised top, the car's back legroom is adequate. Its boot space is also inadequate, but enough. Additionally, the back seats may be folded to expand the boot space.

Battery and Energy:

The automobile is designed and engineered in the United States, but it is built in China. Rinco Aria is a 17kWh single-motor lithium battery-powered electric vehicle with a maximum output of 14.6 KW and torque of 75 Nm. A built-in charger is included to make charging at home easier. It takes around 6 hours and 10 units of power to charge from zero to 100.

Moods for Driving:

The Rinco Aria is a ground-breaking tiny automobile with two modes of operation. When driving in eco mode, the car's peak speed is limited to 60 kilometers per hour, but it may exceed 100 kilometers per hour when driving in sport mode. This electric car can go 200 kilometers in Eco mode and 120 to 130 kilometers in Sports mode on a full charge.

Life of the Batteries:

The Rinco Aria has an average battery life of 7-8 years. Nayyar Motors, on the other hand, offers a three-year warranty on this battery.



Pakistan's most cheap electric vehicle is the Rinco Aria. The Linco Aria is one of Pakistan's most cost-effective electric vehicles due to its low running costs. This automobile is primarily built for metropolitan or city driving, as seen by its form, size, and specifications. This is a great option for folks who have small families and want to save money on petrol.

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