President Erdogan Tested Turkey’s Award- winning First Homegrown Electric
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  

Attending the inauguration of the TUBITAK’s Centers of Excellence in Gebze district of Kocaeli province on August 9, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan tested the Hidromek HICON 7W, Turkey’s first homegrown electric excavator, and entered the ceremony area by driving the award-winning vehicle. The Hicon 7W electric wheeled excavator created by the Turkish construction machine manufacturer Hidromek was awarded with the German Design Award 2020. President Tayyip Erdogan encourages home made things and has urged several times to his nation to buy local products. President is keen to put Turkey on world map in automobile industry and he took many significant initiatives.

Introduction of Project and Salient Features.




Having been officially launched at Bauma 2019, the biggest construction machinery trade fair in the world, the Hicon 7W is an eco-friendly and a smart excavator which is designed to perform well at urban worksites that have restrictions for emissions.

The HICON 7W is a 100%-electric smart and eco-friendly excavator designed specifically for use in cities. Thanks to its zero emissions and compact dimensions it can be used in all kinds of urban spaces. The highest priority in the design of HICON was the safety of urban dwellers and passers-by, elegantly realized through a rear information screen and lighting system. HICON draws its energy from new-generation Lithium-ion batteries and achieves 97% efficiency.

has been awarded with IF Product Design Award 2020, one of the world’s most distinguished design awards, with its smart and 100% electric city excavator HICON 7W. With the new award, the number of internationally prestigious design awards HİDROMEK has won increased to 19.

HİDROMEK, with aim of specializing in electric vehicles of the future, has created HiCON as a sub-brand for this category. Smart and ecofriendly HiCON 7 W was developed as a 100% electric city excavator in line with this purpose. HiCON 7 W, reducing environmental impact with its zero emission, can be easily used with its compact dimensions in many corners of the city.

HiCON stores its energy in new generation lithium-ion batteries. It uses its energy 97% efficiently due to its electric motor. It spends less energy than the vehicles with conventional diesel engines. Thus, its maintenance costs are also much lower than the others.

It simulates the unexpected reflexes for your safety! The highest priority of HICON is the safety of people around it. Hicon, which fully adapts to the city life through its smart features, is in communication with its surroundings while working due to its rear information screen and lighting system.

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