The Different Car Body Styles
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The Different Car Body Styles

Certainly, fewer human technologies have undergone such a radical transformation as the automobile. It changed from being a quick form of transportation in a single style to having various car body styles.

The first aspect that has evolved or altered over time is their appearance. With shifting societal desires, cars have seen a dramatic transformation from being merely a mode of transportation to technological breakthroughs in engines.

Have you ever struggled to decide which of the various car body types to buy? Particularly if it is the first time the decision differs depending on the individual. Depending on the manufacturer, several car body types have various attributes. If the car is used, one might check the model, the number of owners, and the mileage.

Have you ever considered what this planet might look like if just one sort of car existed? To meet everyone's wants would have been extremely monotonous. Don't worry; the various models and shapes will be described below. The following list includes the many car body types:

  • Sedan
  • Hatchback
  • Sports Utility Vehicle
  • Coupe
  • Multi-Purpose Vehicle
  • Pickup Truck
  • Convertible
  • Wagon
  • Jeep
  • MicroCars


This kind of car has five comfortable seats and is made for that number of passengers. It is a four-door passenger/saloon car with a separate trunk and a three-box body.

Compared to a hatchback or other variants, sedans feature a larger trunk that can accommodate a large amount of stuff. Companies will occasionally use a longer wheelbase to provide more boot and legroom.

Toyota Corolla, Honda City, Hyundai Sonata, and Honda Civic are a few examples of sedans.


A tiny car type with a 2-door or 4-door choice is the hatchback. Less space is available for storage than in a sedan with room for one or two bags. The hatchback's design is the key factor. Some may be minivans or vehicles in the cooper style. Interior legroom and luggage space may vary, however, certain concepts are the same.

Manufacturers work hard to keep this category inside the range by making improvements and innovations. Additionally, these vehicles get higher gas mileage than sedans and are simple to park.

Suzuki Swift, Toyota Vitz, Nissan Dayz, etc. are a few popular examples.

Utility Sports Car:

These vehicles are often designed with high ground clearance to perform well on any surface. SUVs have a seating capacity of 7-8. SUVs were designed to replace utility services that were regarded as being simplistic and utilitarian. With extra roof-stand choices, modern drivers use these cars for off-roading, mud racing, or sightseeing.

SUVs like the Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tuscon, MG ZS, etc. are typical examples.


Vehicles of the coupe category are two-door, three-box vehicles with a fixed roof, yet they have a sporty shape. These cars stand out for their tall hoods and sloping rooflines. They have a two-person seating capacity, hence the name coupe. These automobiles tend to be high-performance vehicles with large, loaded engines under their large bonnets. These vehicles are also offered with four doors, although only in rare circumstances. When creating a high-performance automobile, manufacturers frequently use coupe models.

In Pakistan, coupe automobiles like the Ford Mustang, Porsche 911, Porsche Panamera S, and Mercedes CLS are frequently seen.


Sedan and hatchback vehicles are combined to form Wagon category cars. These cars may be used as either seating capacity or trunk space because the second row has more legroom. The number of extra seats varies from firm to company. These vehicles fall into a category with larger height and width dimensions.

Common examples of these automobiles belonging to this category include the Nissan Evalia, Suzuki Every, and Changan Karvaan.

Multi-Purpose Vehicle:

Compared to station wagons, these vehicles are taller and have a one- or two-box configuration. Due to its spacious cabin, this vehicle's primary use is the transportation of passengers. The seating capacity varies depending on the model and category. They can be useful for transporting bags because of their inner space.

Typical examples of these cars include the Toyota Alphard and the Kia Grand Carnival.


This sort of car features a canvas or vinyl fold-down roof. Soft-tops are another name for these roofs. Another term used to describe convertible vehicles is a cabriolet. This category is typically found in high-end automobiles.

The most typical examples include Porsche, Mercedes SLK, BMW Z4, and others.

Pickup Truck or Minivan:

Because some of these cars' components are SUVs, they are also referred to as pickup trucks. These cars have a sizable open cargo compartment and a substantial payload capacity. They can be used for off-roading, business, and passenger cars as well also referred to as Lifestyle pickup trucks.


These vehicles are made for people looking for a very affordable alternative to two-wheelers. Even though they are smaller than hatchbacks, these cars nonetheless have enough for four passengers. Microcars are only used for city commuting and feature a smaller engine.

The most prevalent illustration of this group is Mercedes Kew.


The range of car body shapes mentioned above is a result of both shifting consumer preferences and corporate successes brought about by extensive research and development in the automotive sector. Many people have had distinct options within various car body shapes. Some preferred hatchbacks, but others preferred SUVs or any other type. As a result, you ought to choose a car that appeals to your sense of style.




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