Hybrid Cars in Pakistan Begin at 2 Million Rupees
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Hybrid Cars in Pakistan Begin at 2 Million Rupees

In Pakistan, a huge rise in fuel prices has caused disruption and forced many to switch to less expensive forms of transportation. As a result, there is a growing market for hybrid vehicles. While most consumers cannot afford new hybrid vehicles, there are several reasonably priced used vehicle alternatives that offer an intriguing alternative. All hybrid vehicles that cost less than Rs. 4 million are listed in this article.

These cars' pricing varies depending on how well they are maintained. For the sake of clarity, this article will emphasize a pricing range for each hybrid vehicle.

Toyota Aqua:

The Toyota Aqua is one of the most well-liked hybrid vehicles in Pakistan and is a favorite among auto lovers for its elegant look. Similar to the Nissan Note, the Aqua is economical yet potent. However, it outperforms its rivals in a variety of categories, including dependability, overall performance, and resale value, to mention a few.

Owners have reported that the Aqua gets about 18 km/l in the city and about 23 km/l on the highway. However, depending on the driving style, the fuel efficiency might radically fluctuate – either for the better or worse.

Older Aqua versions start at Rs. 2.2 million, according to numerous postings, while current ones are priced far beyond Rs. 4 million.

Honda Fit:

Toyota Aqua's rival is the Honda Fit. It even surpasses the hybrid hatchback from Toyota in terms of utility and space through its competitively priced and well-kept copies are difficult to locate due to its lack of appeal.

The car has a respectable amount of power, is well-equipped, and delivers up to 16 city km/l and 21 highway km/l in fuel efficiency. It may be bought in Pakistan for anywhere between Rs. 2.2 million and well over Rs. 4 million. However, some finer, high-mileage Honda Fit models may be had for about Rs. 3 million.

Toyota Prius:

It is noteworthy that some Toyota Prius models even have values considerably below Rs. 2 million despite being the country's first hybrid vehicle. These vehicles aren't on the list since they might be troublesome to own and are generally not desirable.

While top-tier and more recent plugin hybrid versions can cost up to Rs. 8 million, reasonably kept specimens of the Prius can be found for approximately Rs. 2.5 million. Prius is a fantastic car, though, at the previous price range.

It is spacious, cozy, dependable, efficient, and has a high market value. Additionally, according to some owners, it gives a fuel efficiency of up to 16 km/l in the city and up to 24 km/l on the highway. Prius meets the criteria for a complete package with these features.

Suzuki Wagon R FZ Hybrid:

Due to their tiny engines and incredible fuel efficiency, K-cars are in high demand. An excellent example is the Suzuki Wagon R FZ Hybrid, which, while it may not have enough power for lengthy drives to hill stations, excels at navigating city traffic on a daily basis.

According to owner reports on numerous forums, the Wagon R Hybrid is not only small, comfortable, and well-equipped, but it also boasts an amazing fuel efficiency of 26 km/l in the city and roughly 30 km/l on the highway.

The vehicle is among the least expensive hybrid cars in Pakistan, with prices ranging from Rs. 2.4 million to Rs. 3 million.

Nissan Note:

The popularity of the Nissan Note has increased recently. It is a small, roomy, well-equipped automobile that claims to get the best fuel efficiency while being convenient to own.

Its 1.2-liter hybrid petrol engine is strong enough to sometimes transport a small family on long-distance excursions while yet being fuel-efficient enough to save money even when used for everyday city driving. The owner reports that the Note's fuel economy averages approximately 16 km/l in cities and 21 km/l on highways.

Newly imported Nissan Note vehicles cost well over Rs. 4.5 million, while used ones start at Rs. 3 million. The price range for an earlier model in good condition, however, is between Rs. 3.4 million and Rs. 3.8 million.

Honda Vezel:

In recent years, Pakistanis have become fond of crossover SUVs. Although hybrid-powered crossovers are the best option, most of them are sadly too pricey.

The only hybrid crossover in Pakistan that offers comfort, performance, usability, and an affordable price all in one vehicle is the Honda Vezel. The fuel efficiency of this well-equipped SUV is about 15 km/l in the city and about 20 km/l on the highway.

Vezel has priced between Rs. 3 million and Rs. 6 million, with newer variants costing more. But you can get better, somewhat higher mileage models for about Rs. 3.8 million.







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