Revival of cars we want in 2022
  Sep 04, 2023     talha seo  

Revival of cars we want in 2022

In Pakistan, the selection of new cars is quite limited. As the market is still controlled by a few numbers of products, their success is more due to the lack of suitable alternatives than to the merits of the particular vehicle. It frequently makes us wish there was a method to revive the popular automobiles from the past and make them available in the present.

The cars listed below were very popular throughout their respective eras for a variety of reasons. Though similar vehicles are still available on the used car market today, a new automobile has a certain allure of its own. The cars listed below are those we'd want to see driving again in "new" condition.

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Daihatsu Cuore:

The only 800cc locally built hatchback in Pakistan with an automatic transmission was the Cuore. Even the 1000cc hatchbacks that were available in our market at the time lacked an automatic transmission option.

Even though it cost more than the other 800cc hatchback, the Mehran, had a better appearance, a more comfortable ride, was more economical, had factory-installed CNG, and was simple to maintain thanks to readily accessible spare parts.

The 660cc Suzuki Alto VXL AGS, with its exorbitant price of PKR 19.51 lac, is now the least expensive compact automobile with an automatic transmission on the market. As Pak Suzuki did with the Celerio hatchback, Indus Motor Company may even consider releasing the new 660cc Daihatsu Mira and rebranding it as Cuore.

Honda City SX8 Facelift:

Frequently mentioned as one of Pakistan's most well-liked Honda City cars. Its lifespan was unusually short—less than 6 years—and a makeover only took about 3 years. The 5th Generation City, in contrast, took more than 12 years to assemble in our nation.

A fuel-injected 1300cc engine and both a manual and automatic transmission were standard on the City SX8 makeover. It was roomy but not overly big on the outside, making it simple to handle on narrow streets and fit readily into small places for parking. Due to its narrow A-pillars and little driver blind zones, it provided great sight for drivers.

Despite being out of production for over 17 years, the City SX8 has a respectable market share. The automobile was a whole package in and of itself with its low-slung body, lightweight, quick engine, remarkable fuel efficiency, good suspension setup, and distinctive appearance.

Mitsubishi Lancer:

In the 1980s and 1990s, Lancer was a very well-known brand in our market, but when imports were restricted, it vanished. In Pakistan, the Lancer sedan was reintroduced in 2004 by Dewan Mushtaq Motor Company (DMMC).

The DMMC Lancer and other Lancers used to be in a class by themselves when it comes to driving enjoyment. Even if the design itself wasn't very eccentric, it was somber and elegant and had some of the most calming and attractive interiors of the time.

Up until 2007/2008, it had 1.3 and 1.6-liter engines, manual and CVT gearbox choices, and did well in terms of sales. Undoubtedly, the DMMC Lancer is one of the few vehicles we would want to see on our roads in its brand-new condition.