The Elantra vs. Grande vs. Civic: Which Sedan Offers the Best Value?
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The Elantra vs. Grande vs. Civic: Which Sedan Offers the Best Value?

The Toyota Corolla Altis Grande and Honda Civic were quickly compared to the Hyundai Nishat Motors' 6th generation Elantra when it was released in March 2021. Many motorheads compared it to these cars since it was introduced at a price of Rs. 4,049,000, which was comparable to the price of those sedans. But it didn't take them long to see that the newcomer had far more to give than the other two veterans.

After a year in 2022, Elantra is still more affordable than the other two and has more features and specs to offer.

Each automobile has distinct characteristics that serve as selling elements. The Civic, Elantra, and Grande all share this situation. We'll concentrate on the three options' value for money in this article.


The basic model of the Civic (1.5L Turbo M-CVT), the top model of the Elantra (Hyundai Elantra 2.0 MPi), and the Corolla were chosen for this (Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8). Let's begin this comparison now.


What is the difference in price?

Start with the cost of the three.

Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande

Honda Civic

Hyundai Elantra 2.0 MPi: Rs.54.99 Lacs

Corolla Altis Grande X CVT-i 1.8: Rs.57.49 lacs

Civic 1.5L Turbo M-CVT: Rs.63.49 Lacs

*price may vary according to current situation.

Here, the Elantra offers the best value while the other two are more expensive. Can Elantra match with the other two in terms of features and specifications while being the least expensive vehicle? Let's see, then.

Are their dimensions the same?

Does the 6th generation Elantra provide more in terms of body size, interior room, ground clearance, etc. despite being less expensive?

Let's get started.


Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Corolla

Honda Civic

Length (mm)




Width (mm)




Height (mm)




Wheelbase (mm)




Ground Clearance (mm)




Luggage compartment capacity (l)





215 / 55 R16

205 / 55 R16

215 / 55 / R16

The length of the three differs very little from one another. The Elantra and Grande have the same length, but the Civic has a little advantage that is hardly perceptible in this area. Elantra is almost as broad as the Civic and narrower than the Grande in terms of breadth. Elantra is between the Grande (tallest) and Civic in terms of height (shortest).

Elantra and Civic have nearly equal tires and ground clearance. Ground clearance-wise, Grande has a little advantage.

Considering that the Elantra is less expensive than the other two vehicles, it is surprising that the comparison is practically even.

Engine Evaluation

To determine whether the Elantra has greater power considering its larger engine size, let's now analyze the engine specifications of these vehicles.


Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande

Honda Civic 





Fuel Supply System


Sequential Multi-Port Fuel Injection (SFI)


Valve Train

16-Valve DOHC with Dual CVVT

16-Valve DOHC with Dual VVT-i


Maximum Output

154hp @6200 rpm

138hp @6400 rpm

127 hp @5500 – 6000 rpm

Maximum Torque

195 N.m @4500 rpm

173 N.m @4000 rpm

180 N.m @1700-4500 rpm

Fuel tank capacity

50 L

55 L

47 L

In terms of engine comparison, the Elantra is the undisputed champion. Its engine generates higher torque and power than other engines. Elantra will give you that surge of excitement if you're one of those drivers with a heavy foot.

Do they have same fuel efficiency?

Since gasoline is extremely costly these days, let's find out which of the three would enable you to save the most money at the fuel station.

Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande

Honda Civic 

12-16 km/l

10-13 km/l

12-14 km/l

The Elantra gets greater fuel economy despite having a 2.0L engine. Civic comes in second, while Corolla Grande comes in last.

It is significant to remember that fuel averages might change based on a number of variables. These variables might include driving habits, road conditions, whether you're on a city street or a motorway, etc.

Are the safety features uniform across the board?

As can be seen here, a more costly automobile isn't usually the safest. Given the Elantra's cost and the fact that the Civic's base model costs around Rs. 1 million more; wouldn't you anticipate it to be the safest of the three?

Let's investigate.


Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande

Honda Civic 


2 (driver and passenger side)

2 (driver and passenger side)

2 (driver and passenger side)

Seat Belt

All persons

All persons

All persons

ISOFIX Child Seat Anchors

High Mount Stop Lamp

Smart Key

Traction / Vehicle Stability Control 

Cruise Control

Hill Start Assist (HA)


Anti Lock Braking System (ABS)

Electronic Brake-Force Distribution (EBD)

Brake Assist (BA)



Front and Rear

Front and Rear (Optional)

Push Start

As can be seen, the Elantra 2.0 is surprisingly competitive when it comes to safety features. While Civic has optional cameras and Grande lacks Hill Start Assist, Elantra has both of these amenities as standard equipment. Therefore, it also succeeds here.

What Are These Sedans' Comfort Levels Like?

Are both of these automobiles comfortable? Let's investigate!


Hyundai Elantra

Toyota Corolla Altis Grande

Honda Civic 

Climate Control



Rain Sensing Wiper

Display screen

8-inch display

9-inch touchscreen


Infotainment System

AM/FM, MP3, USB/AUX, Bluetooth, etc.

Android-powered, built-in webcam, navigation controls, WiFi with hotspot, Bluetooth, Toyota connect, voice control, USB, SIM (Internet-ready), AUX etc.

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto





Instrument Cluster

Speedometer, Tachometer, Economy Meter, and 4.2 TFT screen

Speedometer, Tachometer, Economy Meter, 

7-Inch TFT

Steering Wheel adjustment

Tilt and Telescopic

Tilt and Telescopic

Tilt and Telescopic

Seat Material


Partial Leather


Height Adjustable Driver Seat

Yes (Electric)

Yes (Manual)


Rear Headrest




Rear Armrest

Rear AC Vents


The Elantra's interior has leather seats, which makes it seem really cozy and high-end. It has a screen for its infotainment that is even bigger than the Civic's. You wouldn't get a sunroof in a Civic that cost Rs. 1 million more, but the Elantra would. In addition, the driver's seat height may be electrically adjusted in the Elantra as opposed to the manual option in the other two.

The Winner: Which Car Offers the Best Value?

Elantra 2.0 emerges as the clear victor when we compare all three vehicles in various ways. It has competitive specs and features and is not just the three sedans' most affordable sedan. Elantra surpasses the competition in terms of several comfort and safety features. Despite having a stronger engine, it uses the least amount of gasoline.

In this case, Elantra should be the clear pick if you're seeking for a sedan in the Rs. 5.5M–Rs.

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