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Geely is an automotive company in China. It is multifunctional company with global operation spanning the automotive chain. It is famous for its mission of making refined cars for everyone. In 2020 this company’s aim was to sell 200000 vehicles.

Geely has unveiled its upcoming car flagship preface sedan. It will be launched first in china than all over the world to spread its trade. This car on the basis of its manufacturing will be based on Geely’s holding up award winning compact modular Architecture (CMA) that has been used to underpin many other products from Geely’s group.

Concept of Geely’s preface was first came on net in 2019 in Shanghai auto show. Its promotion was widely appreciated due to its design. Geely’s design is created by Peter Horbury, who is executive vice president of design and operates global network of design studios. Launch date of preface sedan expected in last months of 2020. It’s production is taking place in Geely Auto’s Hangzhou bay facility.

Features of Geely’s flagship preface sedan:

Geely’s has evolved to fourth generation of auto mobile production as this brand was established in 1997.

Exterior look:

Original design of sedan includes wider body with larger wheels to show a confidence on road with strong proportions. This exterior of preface is modified one from the vehicle that was launched in 2015. It has an iconic cosmos grill on front that provides it enhanced sports credentials. It is seemed that company focused on rear of the vehicle such as tapered roof line and down into rear of vehicle. This style mirrors the neat flowing lines from the side profile of preface. Exterior cosmos end look of preface sadden shows the growing confidence of Geely’s automobile company in china and internationally. Geely’s design vice president also commented about doing many improvements in design of preface in order to satisfy its consumers with best design. He also said that “this vehicle reflects our continued growth and our commitment to users.


  • There is central logo of brand made by a design of vertical lines on grill and two separated headlamps.
  • It has modified lights and bumpers. Further-more, sporty look with excellent other features gives it a sense of elegance.  
  • Preface provides a tranquil interior showing best craftmanship in it. There is semi-transparent instrumental panel and a wide hexagonal steering wheel and geometrically designed speakers in it.
  • Metal engraved buttons and geometrically designed seats that ensure comfort for passengers. 


It contains 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder gasoline engine. Electrical variants are going to available as well. So, those people who are interested in using hybrids can buy preface and enjoy its advanced technology with beautiful look. 

Electrical variants include 1.5 turbo PHEV (plug in hybrid) and 1.5 turbo MHEV (mild hybrid).

Powertrain options are not revealed yet but they are going to best as this car is based on modular architecture which allow it to have high technology and leading connectivity, intelligence. From safety point of view it has standard safety measures.

Geely auto brand will launch several new globally oriented vehicles as following its strategy of ‘global refined car development.



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