GS 150 Suzuki 2023 Model: Is Old version Still Good?
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GS 150 Suzuki 2023 Model: Is Old version Still Good?

The 2023 versions of their bikes have already begun to be introduced by Pakistani bike manufacturers. The Suzuki GS 150 2023 model is anticipated by Suzuki fans as well. But did you know that the stickers on it haven't changed in ages?

Our contacts with dealerships indicate that the 150 model for 2023 will once again be the same. Here are the specifications and characteristics of the current model. We'll also point out how many consumers are looking forward to the new model.

Specs and features of the Suzuki GS 150 (Current Model)

Here are the Suzuki GS 150's specifications and characteristics.


150cc 4-Stroke, Air Cooled, OHC

Bore & Stroke

57.0mm & 56.8mm

Starter System

Kick / Electric Start


5-Speed Constant Mesh

Engine Kill Switch




Ground Clearance


Dry mass


Fuel Tank

12.0 L


Drum (Both)

Tire Front

2.75-18 42P

Tire Rear

3.00-18 47P




Black & Red

Most of the specifications and features are the same as those that the GS 150 had for years, with the exception of the self/electric start option. Suzuki released the GS 150 SE Alloy Rim variant, which was later discontinued. Since the 150 SE model was extremely well-liked by customers, the cause remains unknown.

2023 Suzuki GS 150 Model: Client Expectations

A lot of people want the GS 150 design to alter. It's because the bike has had the same dated look for years while being a popular product. Here are some recommendations based on what buyers anticipate from the Suzuki GS 150 model for 2023.

Fresh Design

The need for a fully fresh look is reasonable given that the Suzuki GS 150 has had the same design for more than ten years. It needs considerable improvements to its form, visuals, and other design components.

Establishment of Balancer (Less Vibration)

Although there are less vibrations, as the bike speed reaches 70 to 80 km/h, many riders report feeling greater vibrations. The Suzuki GS 150 2023 model can benefit greatly from the addition of a balancer, which can reduce engine vibration.

Superior front tires

Given that this bike is utilized on trips, it is urgently necessary. 2.75-18 42P is adequate but may be superior for that purpose. Longer trips and off-roading are better suited for the 3.00 - 18 47P tires that come standard on the Yamaha YBR 125G. Therefore, the Suzuki GS 150 2023 should have broad tires.

Cluster of digital instruments

Even though the current model costs more over Rs. 250,000, it does not include a computerized instrument cluster. Given the cost, it is a legitimate request from many individuals.

Equipment and Fuel Indicators

The instrument cluster of the GS 150 lacks fuel and gear indications. Both indications are now necessary for many people. So, we may anticipate that the business would pay attention to its customers.

Nowadays, a Dipper is necessary.

Dippers on motorcycles are crucial in the present day especially if you mostly use the bike for traveling. As a result, its inclusion in the Suzuki 150 2023 model is greatly essential.

Current headlight

People no longer enjoy the GS 150's headlight since it is so basic. It need significant adjustments or a whole new look that Suzuki fans will like.

Qualitative Enhancements

Many GS 150 owners criticize the vehicle's paint, body, chrome, switches, side mirror, and other component quality. Some people also gripe about corrosion. Therefore, it is crucial that the manufacturer fix these problems and raise the standard of the bike.

Side Cover Safety Lock

Some people report that the side covers pop out quickly. The business has to investigate this.

Improved and New Mudguards

The front mudguards in particular are often criticized for their narrowness, which lets some of the mud and water splashes through. Therefore, we may anticipate that the firm will fix this issue in the next model.

Improved Carrier Rack Architecture

The Suzuki 150's carrier rack is out of date. It's time to update its appearance to match the new body style.

Enhancing Fuel Efficiency

There are many of folks who are unhappy with the GS 150's fuel economy. Suzuki has the ability to tweak it to increase fuel efficiency. People who are unhappy about Pakistan's rising gas costs will be won over.

Price of Suzuki GS 150 in Pakistan for 2023

Stay tuned for the Pakistani pricing of the Suzuki GS 150 in 2023. As soon as it is announced, we will update it. The price of the 2022 model is now Rs. 251,000.

Final Conclusion

We are aware that Suzuki hasn't significantly changed the GS 150 in a while. The moment has come to give it some thought and implement the adjustments that the consumers have requested. The GR 150 from Suzuki could provide the majority of the attributes that buyers want. But many others cannot afford the fee. Therefore, making these adjustments to the forthcoming model will likely win over many buyers.

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