Pakistan has more than 17 outdated vehicles for sale
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Pakistan has more than 17 outdated vehicles for sale

Cars assembled in Pakistan not only lack basic features and safety equipment available elsewhere because we live in a third world market with minimal policies and regulations on the auto industry and consumer welfare, but they are also frequently introduced after being completed in other parts of the world and delayed for a long time after being released.

Given that the local auto sector is still in its infancy, it is evident that we cannot currently expect locally manufactured automobiles to meet the same level of equipment & international quality requirements. The fact that there are multiple instances of cars being brought here after they had either been replaced by a later-generation model or had simply been discontinued elsewhere is surprising.

In other instances, even when a car was released on schedule, it was delayed for an unduly lengthy time, during which time the model elsewhere in the globe was either replaced with a newer generation or given a facelift while the outdated one was still being sold in Pakistan.

There are presently 17 worldwide retired automobiles being marketed in Pakistan as "new" if we count them altogether. About half of these vehicles were introduced by newcomers who intended to foster healthy competition in the market, despite the fact that the majority of these vehicles are marketed by established automakers (the Big 3).

Bolan and Ravi are among Pak Suzuki's outdated models, along with Cultus, Wagon R, and Alto. The pre-facelift Yaris car and the 11th-generation Corolla are both being dragged by Toyota. A dated BR-V and the widely outmoded 6th generation Honda City are both sold here.

In Pakistan, Kia sells 4 locally built automobiles, three of which are out-of-date models. Two out of every three locally built passenger vehicles from Hyundai are models that have been discontinued worldwide. Regal's one product is an old model, while both of United's offers are out of date. The outdated vehicles that are being sold in Pakistan are seen here, along with the newest model available in other countries.

  • 7th gen Hyundai Elantra while we await the sixth generation
  • India has the fourth-generation Hyundai Tucson whereas the United States has the third-generation
  • 5th gen Kia Sportage till the fourth generation arrives
  • Third-generation Picanto while we receive the second-generation model.
  • 4th gen Kia Sorento till the third generation arrives
  • Pakistan is the only country that sells the outmoded United Bravo and Alpha models.
  • Prince Pearl is a different outdated model that is only available in Pakistan.
  • In Japan, the Suzuki Alto is in its ninth generation.
  • Suzuki Celerio 2nd gen, as we wait for the 1st gen (Cultus)
  • The present-day Wagon-R while waiting for the dated one
  • Modern technology while we wait for a 42-year-old model, carry the pickup.
  • The newest Carry minivan, as opposed to our 42-year-old car.
  • 2nd gen Honda BR-V till we obtain the first generation
  • Honda City 7th gen as we wait for the 6th gen
  • 12th gen Toyota Corolla till the 11th generation arrives
  • The brand-new Yaris, which we have yet to receive a makeover for.

But thankfully, major Chinese automakers including Changan, MG, DFSK, BAIC, Haval, Chery, and Malaysia's Proton (which is part of Geely) are selling modern models with none of them being out-of-date. In a similar vein, Peugeot's only model available in Pakistan is perfectly comparable to those offered everywhere in the globe.

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