Euro 5 Petrol in Pakistan
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  

High octane euro 5 is world class standard fuel. It contains less Sulphur content and other harmful elements. PSO is the first oil marketing company that introduced hi octane 5-euro oil by importing it, but it is available at selected PSO petrol pumps in Karachi as this petrol is not very common in Pakistan and now being introduced. Previously Pakistan automotive companies took two years to get converted from zero euro to euro-5 petrol.

Approved decision was made on 23rd June 2020 in cabinet to shift the fuel usage in Pakistan from euro-2 to euro5 or may be euro-6 in upcoming years. It is a revolution in Pakistan that euro-2 petrol is going to be converted in euro-5 petrol. It is Imran khan who took a step to move forward from low quality petrol to high quality petrol. Earlier this month it was informed that Pakistan oil marketing companies will be importing euro-5 petrol to supply all over the country. And below euro-5 petrol importing is banned which is probably going to be unbanned in 2025. Till then it is strictly advised to all companies to bring euro-5 petrol in Pakistan. 

Affect of Euro-5 Petrol on Vehicles:



Pakistan was 20 years back in term of vehicle emission. Now government has taken the step for better future of Pakistan. Diesel and low-quality petrol are not very good for engine of the car or any vehicle and long-term usage also effect the performance of car. However proper maintenance of the vehicle is also very important that should be done almost every week or twice in a month for better performance of it.

Low quality petrol emits dangerous waste products that can lead to much polluted environment. By introducing high quality petrol that is euro-5 petrol waste products are minimum and it cause less harm to the external environment.

Betterment of Polluted Environment:

As we all know that low quality fuel in running vehicles can emit lead and other poisonous compounds in environment and it becomes scattered in air which is inhaled causing serious lung diseases. Pakistani government is trying hard to cut down Sulphur content as much as possible as it is very concerned to remove pollution in air. Prime minister adviser on climate change had promised to increase the quality of petrol in order to bring healthy environment in Pakistan. 

All developed countries obsoleted low-quality petrol till the year of 2000 but in Pakistan it is now came into being. Any-how Imran khan’s government is doing well for the betterment of environment and well-being of citizens.

Shifting of Petrol:

From 1st august 2020 it was notified that petroleum will be shifted from euro-2 to euro-5 by adviser of climate change Malik Amin Aslam. Diesel upgrading is pending and will be done in January 2021. Much time is needed to adapt this updated petrol in all over country. But it is worth waiting because our environment will be facilitated and negative impacts of gases emitted from vehicles will be reduced which ultimately benefit us.   


Government ensured the citizens that this petroleum quality will cost reasonable that every citizen can afford it easily. Though it is high quality petrol, price will increase than the previous one.



talha seo