Our region's carmakers have Pakistan's oldest model lineup
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Our region's carmakers have Pakistan's oldest model lineup

Only the Russian carmaker Lada sells older vehicles than the American EV manufacturer Tesla, according to an intriguing article recently published by Auto Evolution. According to the research, the average age of a Tesla model is 7.8, but the average age of a Lada model is 18.9.

Surprisingly, however, Pak Suzuki's model portfolio has an average age of 20.66 years, which is worse than Russian Lada's average age of 18.9 years as described in our prior post. We should now investigate further to see if other assemblers in our nation have Pakistan's oldest model range.

In charge of this JATO, Dynamics investigation was Felipe Munoz. Instead of counting the time from when the car was first delivered, the technique starts when the model was first displayed. Let's examine where our local assemblers stand based on the criteria of counting the time beginning from when a model made its debut.


Six domestically built versions are now available from Pak Suzuki in Pakistan. Both Ravi and Bolan, who made their debut in 1979, are now approaching 44 years old. Our Wagon R, which made its debut in 2010, is a 13-year-old vehicle (considering we are on the verge of welcoming the year 2023). The Celerio, known in Pakistan as the Cultus, made its debut in 2014, making it nine years old. The 8th generation Alto made its debut in December 2014, making it 8 years old now. While the recently released Swift is a 6-year-old model, it was first introduced in December 2016. These six Pak Suzuki vehicles have an average age of 20.66 years and a total age of 124 (44+44+13+9+8+6).


Four Toyota vehicles are assembled in Pakistan by Indus Motor Company (IMC). The second-generation Fortuner and eighth-generation Hilux both made their debuts in 2015, while the 11th-generation Corolla and Yaris did so in 2013. These 4 Toyota models have an average age of 8 years and a total age of 32 (10+6+8+8+8).


Four models made locally are also sold by Honda Atlas. The most recent models, the Civic and HR-V, will both go on sale in 2021. In contrast, the sixth-generation City and BR-V are from 2014 and 2015, respectively. These 4 Honda models have an average age of 4.75 years and a total age of 19 (1+1+9+8).


With the exception of the Stonic, all four of Kia's domestically built models in Pakistan are now internationally discontinued vehicles. The Sportage debuted in 2015, the Picanto in 2011, the Sorento in 2014, and the Stonic in 2017. These four Kia models (6+8+12+9) have a combined age of 35, with an average age of 8.75 years.


Hyundai also has four locally made items, half of which are regionally outdated. The sixth-generation Elantra, Tucson, and Porter are all from 2015, while the eighth-generation Sonata and Tucson are from 2019. These four Hyundai automobiles have a combined age of 39, or 9.75 years, on average (4+8+8+8+19).


Four locally built automobiles from Changan are sold in Pakistan; all four are current-generation models that are also available in other countries. On the other hand, the Karavan minivan and M9 Sherpa pickup (also known as Changan Star) are from 2012, while the Alsvin debuted in 2018, and the Oshan X7 in 2019. The total age of these four Changan cars is therefore 45, and the average age is 11.25 years.


In Pakistan, Proton offers the X70 and Saga sedan. The third-generation Saga is also from 2016, as is the X70, which is essentially a Geely Boyue with new branding. The combined age of these 4 Proton automobiles is therefore 14 (7 plus 7), and the average age equals 7 years.


Models from new and old makeup Regal Automobiles' inventory. The Prince Pearl hatchback is based on a second-generation Suzuki Alto from 1984. The Glory 580 was released in 2016, the 580 Pro in 2019, and the K-series pickup in 2005. These Prince-DFSK cars have a combined age of 45 (39+7+3+18) and an average age of 16.75 years.


The outdated United Bravo and Alpha are both available for purchase in Pakistan. The Bravo, like Prince Pearl, is built on the same second-generation Suzuki Alto chassis that debuted in 1984. While the United Alpha, which dates to 2003, underwent a facelift in 2012 These United automobiles have a combined age of 59 (39+20), with an abysmal average age of 29.5 years.


The Tiggo 8 Pro and Tiggo 4 Pro, two Chery automobiles that are both domestically produced in Pakistan, are current-generation versions. The Tiggo 4 is from 2018, while the current-generation Tiggo 8 Pro is from 2020. These Chery automobiles are a total of 8 years old (3+5=8), with a 4-year average age.


In Pakistan, Peugeot exclusively offers the 2008 crossover, which made its debut in 2019. Peugeot vehicles in our nation are thus 4 years old.


Additionally, BAIC only offers the BJ40 plus SUV for sale in Pakistan; it was locally produced in 2013 and is thus 10 years old.


The HS Essence crossover is the only locally built car produced by MG. It made its debut in 2018, making it a five-year-old car.


Recently, Sazgar began local manufacture of the Haval H6, which is offered in both ICE and hybrid configurations. This Haval H6 is a third-generation car that debuted in 2020, making it only three years old.


The only locally built model by Isuzu is the D-Max. The D-Max we are looking at is a second-generation model that debuted in 2011, making it a 12-year-old car in terms of age.

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