An international Driving License: A Complete Guide
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An international Driving License: A Complete Guide

Here is how to apply for an international driving license, which may be useful in many situations, especially if you want to drive overseas, even for a brief visit.

Prior to applying, applicants must have current, city traffic police-issued national driving licenses. You can obtain it by going to any traffic licensing center, however, it should be noted that an international license will only be provided by the center where the applicant's equivalent local driving license was previously obtained.

Additionally, there is no waiting time because individuals can apply for an international driving license the next day after receiving their local license.


 Book a Consultation on the Rasta App:

The Punjab IT Board strongly advises making an appointment in advance online using the Rasta App. Both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store provide the ability to download the program.

After providing the necessary information and filling out the CNIC form, applicants can schedule a visit at the local licensing facility and make an appointment. They can choose the time periods that work best for them and from a selection, specify the reason for their visit.

The app may also be used to schedule appointments for a variety of reasons, including the issuing of a national or international driving license or the application for a learner's permit.

Completing the application:

A free application form is available at the licensing center for anyone who wishes to apply. It should be filled out with the following paperwork attached:


  • Two attestation-backed passport-size photos.
  • A certified copy of a current CNIC.
  • Passport photocopy of the applicant.
  • One copy of the applicant's current international driver's license
  • Health certification (if applicable, for age 50 and above).
  • The District Court issued me a Rs. 66 tickets.
  • 450 rupee charge voucher can be paid at a branch of Habib Bank Limited (HBL).

Note: The urgent procedure may cost an extra price.

To prevent difficulty, applicants must also provide their original NICs and passports together with their original local driver's license.

When applying for an international driving license without using a local driving license, the process takes substantially longer because the international license must be sent to your home within 24 hours.

In the unusual event that the delivery of the license is delayed for more than 24 hours, applicants may also visit the same licensing facility to obtain the recently issued international driving license.


For the foreign driving permit, residents of the Federal Capital can go to the Citizen Facilitation Center, G-11/4. While the standard operation costs Rs. 1050 and typically takes 7 days, the urgent procedure may just take 24 hours and costs Rs. 2050.

Documentation needed:

  • A copy of a current driver's license from the Islamabad Traffic Police.
  • Two photos the size of a passport.
  • A valid visa and one photocopy of a passport are required.
  • One photocopied CNIC for the applicant.
  • Islamabad residential evidence.
  • 30 rupee driving stamp from the Post Office.
  • Health certification (if applicable, for age 50 and above).

Those applying from Islamabad may also get the form at https://ictadministration.gov.pk/wp-content/uploads/International-Driving-Permit-Form.docx, where they can also upload all the necessary papers that have been authenticated.


To schedule an appointment and choose centers for Sindh, applicants must go to the Driving License Sindh website at https://dls.sindhpolice.gov.pk/home/app.

Both the Nazimabad and Clifton branches are available for online appointment booking for applicants from Karachi.

Documentation needed:


  • Two photos the size of a passport (preferred to carry three).
  • One photocopy of a driver's license from Pakistan (issued by Sindh Police).
  • A valid visa and one photocopy of a passport are required.
  • One photocopy of the applicant's CNIC.
  • Health certification (if applicable, for age 50 and above).
  • Evidence of residence

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa:

 who live in Peshawar can go to Room No. 11, Second Floor, Tasneem Plaza next to the Benevolent Fund building, Peshawar, with the necessary certified papers.

Documentation needed:

  • Two photos the size of a passport.
  • one copy of a legitimate driver's license
  • Along with a valid visa, one photocopy of a valid passport is required.
  • One photocopied CNIC for the applicant.
  • Residential evidence.
  • Postage stamp for driving.
  • Health certification (if applicable, for age 50 and above).

Benefits of an International Driver's License:

Due to the fact that it contains practically all of the holder's information, an international driver's license may also be used as identification in many foreign nations. The international license might allow someone to temporarily continue with ordinary activities while they wait for their ID card to be replaced if they lose it or need to receive a new one.

However, it only serves as a temporary solution and does not eliminate the requirement for a legitimate ID card, particularly in a foreign nation with severe legal requirements.

Short Visit:

Before traveling abroad, Pakistani visitors can apply for an international driving permit. It will make renting and operating a vehicle simple for them.

Most nations forbid foreigners or tourists from purchasing or even operating automobiles unless they possess state-issued international driver's licenses. In contrast to using public transportation and paying exorbitant rates for small distances, an international driving license may assist save a great deal of money and time.

Long or Permanent Stays:

For those who want to transfer permanently to or remain for an extended amount of time in a foreign country, an international driving license is very essential. Such persons must get a permanent driver's license for the nation to which they have moved; however, this does not imply that the international driving permit provided by Pakistan is useless because it can be useful in a number of circumstances.


One of its benefits is that it reduces the number of driving lessons that a Pakistani expatriate or immigrant must take in order to obtain a license from Pakistan.

An international driving license is also the most important need for Pakistanis moving abroad to work as taxi or heavy transport vehicle (HTV) drivers, second only to a visa.

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