Toyota Yaris becomes more expensive before hitting the road
  Aug 28, 2023     talha seo  


Toyota Indus launched Gli and Xli 1.3-liter models in past years but now these are replaced by Toyota Yaris. This car is available in Pakistan with six variants to allow the customers to choose any variant according to their choice. 

 Toyota Yaris was introduced in 1999. It came as a subcompact hatchback and then the company introduced Toyota Yaris as s sedan car which is also known as Toyota Vios in many countries. In Pakistan from march 2020 bookings for Toyota Yaris are available. It is a four-seater car having a 4-cylinder inline engine type with 1329 engine displacement. It includes a 2550 wheelbase and sequential multiport fuel injection system. It is notified that before hitting the road price of this car is raised already.


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Enlightening some features of Toyota Yaris:


It has a seven-speed CVT/sport sequential shift-able system. Equipped with front ventilated, disc, rear drum braking system. Fuel tank capacity is 42-liter which is very effective. Yaris has a wheel type of aluminum alloy rims.

This car is fully packed with all advanced features like power steering, steering switch, Bluetooth, audio, speedometer, speaker, traction control, hill climbing assist system, airbags, illumination entry system, key remainder warning, etc.

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Increase in price of Toyota Yaris before hitting the road:

It is one of the anticipated cars but became 5 percent more expensive. Firstly, it came with a price tag of 2349,000 for the basic models and 2809,000for standard ones ATIV X (CVT). After twenty-four days Indus motors raised the prices and informed the dealers. According to the notification, prices are increased in all variants of Toyota Yaris as follows.

  • Toyota Yaris's price is increased by 120,000 rupees to 2.469 million for a 1.3-liter GLI Mt variant. And for 1.3-liter GLI CVT variant from 130,000 to 2.49 million rupees.
  • Yaris model 1.3 ATIV MT has increased cost by rupees 130,000 to 2.579 million and ATIV CVT was made costlier by Rs130,000 Rs2.729 million. 
  • Indus motors company has increased the cost of Yaris 1.5 ATIV X MT by Rs140,000 to Rs2.789 million while rates of Yaris 1.5 ATIV X CVT were increased or exaggerated by Rs150,000 to Rs2.959 million.
  • The company also hiked the prices of other car models manufactured under this name.


Reason for hiking the price of Toyota Yaris:

As we know the whole world is fighting against the pandemic in different ways and it affected the country’s currency as well. Basically, there are two main reasons for hiking the prices.

Currency devaluation:

The automobile industry affected by this. An increase in the price of the dollar makes everything costly. And as we know the car is not only made by few things. From steel to rubber everything is needed. When the car was launched dollar cost 157 rupees per dollar. Then it was raised to 167 rupees which directly impacted the price of automobiles or more importantly on freshly launched cars such as Toyota Yaris.




Lockdown brought less profit due to less amount of sales of cars. To minimize the loss and equalize the profit company hiked the price of the car.

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