CKD-Assembled Automobiles Against CBU-Imported Cars
  Sep 05, 2023     talha seo  

CKD-Assembled Automobiles Against CBU-Imported Cars

The first surprise of the New Year came from Indus Motor Company (IMC), which assembles Toyota vehicles in Pakistan. IMC announced a significant price hike for their entire array of locally produced CKD vehicles. But the pricing of its CBU line has only gotten more confusing.

IMC has a variety of CBU imported cars in its range, including sedans, crossovers, MPVs, 4x4s & SUVs, buses & vans, as well as sedans, crossovers, MPVs, & SUVs. First off, the current model Camry hybrid, which had a starting price of PKR 82.99 lac when it was first introduced in Pakistan in January 2018, is currently offered for an absurdly high price of Rs 38,199,000. (PKR 3 crores 81.99 lac).

The Land Cruiser Prado follows, with a starting price of Rs. 41,879,000 lac (PKR 4 crores 18.79 lac). The new Land Cruiser J300, however, is the most intriguing one. It was introduced in April 2022 with a price tag of Rs 72,499,000 (PKR 7 crore, 24.99 lac), but after experiencing many price increases, the Land Cruiser J300 is currently offered for Rs 109,399,000. (PKR 10 crores 93.99 lac).

According to Toyota Pakistan's website, the new Hiace Deluxe is priced as high as Rs 15,929,000 (PKR 1 crores 59.29 lakh), while the Coaster is available for Rs 19,559,000 (PKR 1 crore 95.59 lac). There are also some automobiles whose reservations are temporarily on hold. These consist of the Prius hybrid, the Corolla Cross hybrid, and the Rush MPV.

It seems reasonable for Prius given that the current generation model has only recently been released and may eventually come as a CBU import. The bookings of CBU imported cars have likely been put on hold as a result of IMC's indication that a domestically built version of the Corolla Cross will be introduced in 2023. There is no indication as to why reservations for the Toyota Rush are being delayed, despite the fact that it was one of the slowest-selling vehicles and frequently had trouble leaving store floors.

The cost of CKD-assembled automobiles against CBU-imported cars in Pakistan is drastically out of balance, as was covered in-depth in our last piece. When compared to what is being paid in Pakistan, there is a glaring disparity between the sale costs of imported automobiles in other nations. However, given their exorbitant prices, it is incomprehensible why these CBU vehicles continue to be offered while barely making it to the showroom floors. Particularly in light of the fact that the majority of these automobiles are generally regarded as standard mass-market products everywhere else, but are largely regarded as super-luxury items here due to their exorbitant prices.

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