Toyota Corolla Cross & others are launching soon
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Toyota Corolla Cross & others are Launching Soon 

Last year, automobile manufacturers introduced a sizable number of automobiles in Pakistan. In addition, they hinted at a few bold market potentials despite the continuing financial crisis.

While the automakers have officially announced certain automobile debuts, others have only been hinted at or reported by industry insiders.

Here are the top 8 automobiles that are most likely to debut this year, without further ado.

Toyota Corolla Cross (Locally Assembled)

The domestically built Corolla Cross Hybrid is about to go on sale from Toyota Indus Motor Company (IMC).

According to a dependable source, the business is currently focusing on the fit and finish of the automobile after completing the fundamental structural and mechanical advances.

The company has begun work on the nameplates, emblems, and fitments for the vehicle, he continued. The business is working forward at full speed and intends to introduce the Corolla Cross in H1 2023, according to the source.

Toyota IMC stated in financial briefings last year that it will introduce the Corolla Cross Hybrid at some point this year, though it hasn't confirmed the precise launch date.

Haval Jolion (Locally Assembled)

Through some of its recent risk-taking launches, Sazgar Engineering Works Limited (SEWL) has established itself as a force to be reckoned with.

Launched in 2022 by SEWL, the Haval H6 1.5T FWD, 2.0T AWD, and an HEV version are locally built vehicles. SEWL made hints about the upcoming releases of the H6 PHEV version and Jolion 1.5T during the H6 HEV launch event.

Since Jolion comes from one of Pakistan's most well-liked new vehicle sectors, it appears like it will be the most likely of these debuts. It will face competition from vehicles like the Proton X70, Kia Sportage, Hyundai Tucson, and other SUVs of a comparable nature.

MG GT and HS 2.0T AWD (Locally Assembled)

In Pakistan, MG introduced the locally built HS 1.5T Essence a few weeks ago. Early in 2022, the business said that it will introduce the aforementioned SUV in the second half of 2022, which it later accomplished.

Again, the business name a few additional vehicles scheduled for release "soon" without providing a specific date or timeframe. These vehicles featured a pickup truck, an SUV with seven seats, and the HS 2.0T AWD, ZST, and GT.

The MG GT will probably be the first new car from this trio to go on sale. Additionally, the business said via multiple social media postings that "Pakistan has picked the next MG," i.e., the MG GT.

We have reason to assume that it may launch this year, despite the fact that the corporation hasn't officially announced it. This is because of the many industry rumors and clues.

Peugeot 3008

Images of several Peugeot 3008s have recently been discovered on Pakistani roads. Photos of a black 3008 and a white one have lately been posted on various social media platforms. A 5008 unit was also seen on the roadways.

The former appears more realistic given that the 3008 will compete with vehicles like the Sportage, Tucson, H6, HS, and others and, like the Jolion, belongs to a more popular market category.

Proton X50

Proton X50's sporty appearance and performance have made it a sensation in Malaysia ever since its release. The Malaysian carmaker has frequently said that it will shortly introduce the X50 in Pakistan.

Given that Pakistan is Proton's largest export market, Al-Haj Automotive may add the X50 to the local range this year now that production and sales of the X70 and Saga have been considerably simplified there.

Changan CS35

Since beginning full-scale local manufacture of its automobiles in late 2021, Master Changan Motors Limited (MCML) has really found its footing. Oshan X7 and Changan Alsvin, two of its subcompact sedans, are among the most well-liked automobiles in Pakistan, respectively.

The firm intends to introduce two new crossover SUVs in Pakistan in order to further diversify its range in light of its success and recent achievements. Although the corporation hasn't provided any information, the teaser has given away some information about these SUVs.

Some astute watchers have noted that the SUVs being teased are the Changan CS35 Plus and Oshan X5. The business provided an evaluation of the CS35 Plus but did not provide a firm launch date.

It is fair to presume that MCML may be preparing to introduce the mini-SUV in Pakistan before the end of this year based on the location of a physical unit there.

Seres S3

Over two years ago, images of Seres' imported unit first appeared online. Prior until recently, Regal Automobiles, DFSK's Pakistani partner, kept quiet about its activity in that area.

The organization teased the EV lineup's impending launch on its social media platforms last month. The Seres S3 is an all-electric subcompact crossover SUV that takes the look and construction of the DFSK Glory 500, as keen-eyed aficionados will note.

Although Regal Automobiles hasn't specified a specific date for the SUV debut in Pakistan, the launch may take place this year considering that the company has been developing the SUV for more than two years.

These vehicles haven't yet received an official launch date or schedule, despite the fact that their respective businesses have suggested that they would be released.

  • MG ZST
  • DFSK Glory 500
  • Suzuki Every
  • Peugeot 5008
  • Changan Oshan X5


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